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Following is a list of all the 2676 species and 294 subspecies in 1664 genera, 543 families, 162 orders, 34 classes, 16 phylums that I have identified in my pictures. The list contains the common English name with links to Wikipedia, the German and French names (where known), with links to their Wikipedia entry, the links to the Encyclopedia of Life ( and to iNaturalist (, the scientific name with links to my pictures, the IUCN Red List conservation status with links to the IUCN Red List, and the species type. The list contains 74 Amphibians, 72 Arachnids, 2742 Birds, 263 Butterflies/Moths, 30 Crabs/Lobsters, 100 Dragonflies/Damselflies, 162 Fishes, 464 Flowers, 10 Fungi, 176 Insects, 70 Invertebrates, 656 Mammals, 8 Marsupials, 198 Other plants, 226 Reptiles, 395 Trees. The conservation status summary (according to the IUCN Red List) for the species in this list is: 13 Extinct, 4 Extinct in the Wild, 26 Critically Endangered, 60 Endangered, 96 Vulnerable, 3 Conservation Dependent, 88 Near Threatened, 1501 Least Concern, 7 Data Deficient, 1 Not evaluated, 677 Not available, 200 Not species level.

The list is sorted by binomial name. You can resort it by common name, species type, or conservation status.

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Species type
1Sergeant MajorGestreifter Sergeant
Abudefduf saxatilis link link
Abudefduf saxatilis (2)LC Fish
2Panama Sergeant MajorAbudefduf
Abudefduf link link
Abudefduf troschelii (1)LC Fish
3Red Hot Cat's TailKatzenschwänzchen
Queue de chat link link
Acalypha hispida (1)N/A Flower
4Uganda Blue-headed Tree AgamaAcanthocercus
Acanthocercus link link
Acanthocercus ugandaensis (1)LC Reptile
5Atlantic Blue TangBlauer Doktorfisch
Poisson-chirurgien bleu link link
Acanthurus coeruleus (4)LC Fish
6Caribbean Ocean SurgeonfishEchte Doktorfische
Acanthurus link link
Acanthurus tractus (2)LC Fish
7Yellowfin SurgeonfishEchte Doktorfische
Chirurgien à nageoires jaunes link link
Acanthurus xanthopterus (1)LC Fish
Épervier shikra link link
Accipiter badius (3)LC Bird
9Variable GoshawkInselhabicht
Autour variable link link
Accipiter hiogaster (1)LC Bird
10Crested GoshawkSchopfhabicht
Autour huppé link link
Accipiter trivirgatus (1)LC Bird
11Giant African SnailGroße Achatschnecke
Escargot géant africain link link
Achatina fulica (1)N/A Invertebrate
12Pink YarrowGemeine Schafgarbe
Achillée millefeuille link link
Achillea millefolium (1)LC Flower
Guépard link link
Acinonyx jubatus (14)VU Mammal
14Southeast African CheetahGepard
Guépard d'Afrique australe link link
Acinonyx jubatus jubatus (14)VU Mammal
15Short-horned GrasshopperFeldheuschrecken
Acrididae link link
Acrididae gen. (1)n/a Insect
16Vinous-breasted Starling 
Martin vineux link link
Acridotheres burmannicus (1)LC Bird
17Great Myna 
Grand martin link link
Acridotheres grandis (1)LC Bird
18Common MynaHirtenmaina
Martin triste link link
Acridotheres tristis (7)LC Bird
19Pink CedarAcrocarpus fraxinifolius
Acrocarpus fraxinifolius link link
Acrocarpus fraxinifolius (1)N/A Tree
20Grugru PalmMacauba-Palme
Grougrou link link
Acrocomia aculeata (1)N/A Tree
21Elkhorn CoralElchgeweihkoralle
Corail Corne d’élan link link
Acropora palmata (1)CR Invertebrate
22Staghorn CoralAcropora
Acropores link link
Acropora sp. (1)n/a Invertebrate
23Vulturine GuineafowlGeierperlhuhn
Pintade vulturine link link
Acryllium vulturinum (1)LC Bird
24Common SandpiperFlussuferläufer
Chevalier guignette link link
Actitis hypoleucos (7)LC Bird
25Spotted SandpiperDrosseluferläufer
Chevalier grivelé link link
Actitis macularius (5)LC Bird
26African JacanaBlaustirn-Blatthühnchen
Jacana à poitrine dorée link link
Actophilornis africanus (18)LC Bird
27African BaobabAfrikanischer Affenbrotbaum
Baobab africain link link
Adansonia digitata (29)N/A Tree
Arbre bouteille link link
Adansonia sp. (4)n/a Tree
Addax link link
Addax nasomaculatus (1)CR Mammal
30Desert RoseWüstenrose
Rose du désert link link
Adenium obesum (1)N/A Tree
31Desert Beetle link link
Adesmia cancellata (1)N/A Insect
32Adesmia link link
Adesmia sp. (1)n/a Insect
Aechmea gamosepala link link
Aechmea gamosepala (1)N/A Flower
34Clark's GrebeClarktaucher
Grèbe à face blanche link link
Aechmophorus clarkii (2)LC Bird
35Western GrebeRenntaucher
Grèbe élégant link link
Aechmophorus occidentalis (2)LC Bird
36Common IoraGarteniora
Petit Iora link link
Aegithina tiphia (2)LC Bird
37Cinereous VultureMönchsgeier
Vautour moine link link
Aegypius monachus (1)NT Bird
Impala link link
Aepyceros melampus (45)LC Mammal
39Common ImpalaSchwarzfersenantilope
Impala link link
Aepyceros melampus melampus (37)LC Mammal
40Black-faced ImpalaSchwarzfersenantilope
Impala link link
Aepyceros melampus petersi (8)LC Mammal
41Temminck's Sunbird 
Souimanga de Temminck link link
Aethopyga temminckii (1)LC Bird
42Yellowwood TreeGewöhnliches Afrogelbholz
Afrocarpus falcatus link link
Afrocarpus falcatus (1)LC Tree
43Northern Black KorhaanWeißflügeltrappe
Outarde à miroir blanc link link
Afrotis afraoides (1)LC Bird
44Far-northern Black KorhaanWeißflügeltrappe
Outarde à miroir blanc link link
Afrotis afraoides etoschae (1)LC Bird
45Pod MahoganyAfzelia
Afzelia quanzensis link link
Afzelia quanzensis (1)N/A Tree
46Red-eyed Tree FrogRotaugenlaubfrosch
Rainette aux yeux rouges link link
Agalychnis callidryas (2)LC Amphibian
47Red-headed Rock AgamaSiedleragame
Agame des colons link link
Agama agama (2)N/A Reptile
48Finch's AgamaAgamen
Agama finchi link link
Agama finchi (1)N/A Reptile
49Mwanza Flat-headed Rock AgamaStahlblaue Felsenagame
Agama mwanzae link link
Agama mwanzae (1)LC Reptile
50Peter's Rock AgamaAgamen
Agama agama link link
Agama picticauda (2)N/A Reptile
51Agama LizardAgamen
Agama link link
Agama sp. (8)n/a Reptile
52African LilySchmucklilien
Agapanthe link link
Agapanthus praecox (2)N/A Flower
53Fisher's LovebirdPfirsichköpfchen
Inséparable de Fischer link link
Agapornis fischeri (1)NT Bird
54Lilian's LovebirdErdbeerköpfchen
Inséparable de Lilian link link
Agapornis lilianae (1)NT Bird
55Rosy-faced LovebirdRosenköpfchen
Inséparable rosegorge link link
Agapornis roseicollis (1)LC Bird
56Field MushroomChampignonverwandte
Agaricaceae link link
Agaricaceae gen. (1)n/a Fungus
57Century PlantAgave americana
Agave d'Amérique link link
Agave americana (1)LC Other plant
Agave link link
Agave sp. (10)n/a Other plant
59Utah AgaveAgave utahensis
Agave link link
Agave utahensis (1)LC Other plant
60Grayish Baywing 
Carouge à ailes baies link link
Agelaioides badius (1)LC Bird
61Tawny-shouldered Blackbird 
Petit Carouge link link
Agelaius humeralis (1)LC Bird
62Red-winged BlackbirdRotflügelstärling
Carouge à épaulettes link link
Agelaius phoeniceus (2)LC Bird
63Funnel WeaverTrichterspinnen
Agelenidae link link
Agelenidae gen. (4)n/a Arachnid
64Santa LuciaAgeratum
Ageratum conyzoides link link
Ageratum conyzoides (2)N/A Flower
65Violet-tailed SylphLangschwanzsylphe
Sylphe à queue violette link link
Aglaiocercus coelestis (1)LC Bird
66Long-tailed SylphHimmelssylphe
Sylphe à queue d'azur link link
Aglaiocercus kingii (2)LC Bird
67Indian Tortoiseshell 
Aglais link link
Aglais caschmirensis (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
68European PeacockTagpfauenauge
Paon-du-jour link link
Aglais io (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
69Small TortoiseshellKleiner Fuchs
Petite tortue link link
Aglais urticae (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
70Gulf FritillaryAgraulis vanillae
Agraulis vanillae link link
Agraulis vanillae (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
Agrionoptera link link
Agrionoptera insignis (1)LC Dragonfly/Damselfly
72Long-nosed Whip SnakeNasen-Peitschennatter
Serpent liane nasique link link
Ahaetulla nasuta (1)N/A Reptile
73Giant PandaGroßer Panda
Panda géant link link
Ailuropoda melanoleuca (3)VU Mammal
74Lesser PandaWestlicher Kleiner Panda
Petit panda link link
Ailurus fulgens (1)EN Mammal
75Spanish AizoonSpanisches Eiskraut
Aizoanthemum link link
Aizoanthemum hispanicum (1)N/A Flower
76Greater Hoopoe-larkWüstenläuferlerche
Sirli du désert link link
Alaemon alaudipes (2)LC Bird
77Common KingfisherEisvogel
Martin-pêcheur d'Europe link link
Alcedo atthis (3)LC Bird
78Blue-eared KingfisherMenintingeisvogel
Martin-pêcheur méninting link link
Alcedo meninting (2)LC Bird
79Shining-blue KingfisherSchillereisvogel
Martin-pêcheur azuré link link
Alcedo quadribrachys (1)LC Bird
80Half-collared KingfisherAlcedo
Martin-pêcheur à demi-collier link link
Alcedo semitorquata (1)LC Bird
Bubale roux link link
Alcelaphus buselaphus (11)LC Mammal
82Red HartebeestSüdafrikanische Kuhantilope
Bubale caama link link
Alcelaphus buselaphus caama (2)LC Mammal
83KongoniAlcelaphus buselaphus
Bubale roux link link
Alcelaphus buselaphus cokii (6)LC Mammal
84Lelwel HartebeestAlcelaphus buselaphus
Bubale roux link link
Alcelaphus buselaphus lelwel (2)LC Mammal
85Lichtenstein's HartebeestLichtenstein-Antilope
Bubale de Lichtenstein link link
Alcelaphus buselaphus lichtensteinii (1)LC Mammal
Orignal link link
Alces alces (1)LC Mammal
87Alpine Lady's MantleAlpen-Frauenmantel
Alchémille des Alpes link link
Alchemilla alpina (1)N/A Flower
Alcides link link
Alcides sp. (1)n/a Butterfly/Moth
89Soft CoralWeichkorallen
Alcyonacea link link
Alcyonacea fam. (5)n/a Invertebrate
90Barbary PartridgeFelsenhuhn
Perdrix gambra link link
Alectoris barbara (1)LC Bird
91Chukar PartridgeChukarhuhn
Perdrix choukar link link
Alectoris chukar (2)LC Bird
92Madagascan Blue PigeonMadagaskar-Fruchttaube
Founingo bleu link link
Alectroenas madagascariensis (1)LC Bird
93Strange-tailed Tyrant 
Moucherolle à queue large link link
Alectrurus risora (2)VU Bird
94Golden TrumpetGoldtrompete
Liane à lait link link
Allamanda cathartica (2)N/A Flower
95American AlligatorMississippi-Alligator
Alligator d'Amérique link link
Alligator mississippiensis (1)LC Reptile
96Trailing Four O'Clock 
Allionia incarnata link link
Allionia incarnata (1)N/A Flower
97L'Hoest's MonkeyÖstliche Vollbartmeerkatze
Cercopithèque de l'Hœst link link
Allochrocebus lhoesti (3)VU Mammal
98Madagascar OcotilloAlluaudia procera
Ocotillo de Madagascar link link
Alluaudia procera (2)LC Tree
99Elephant EarRiesenblättriges Pfeilblatt
Oreille d'éléphant link link
Alocasia macrorrhizos (4)N/A Other plant
100Mountain AloeAloe marlothii
Aloè de montagne link link
Aloe marlothii (3)LC Other plant
Aloès link link
Aloe sp. (1)n/a Other plant
102Aloe veraEchte Aloe
Aloè des Barbades link link
Aloe vera (3)N/A Other plant
103Quiver TreeKöcherbaum
Arbre aux carquois link link
Aloidendron dichotomum (1)N/A Tree
104Egyptian GooseNilgans
Ouette d'Égypte link link
Alopochen aegyptiaca (19)LC Bird
105Black Howler MonkeySchwarzer Brüllaffe
Hurleur noir link link
Alouatta caraya (2)NT Mammal
106Guyanan Red Howler MonkeyGuyana-Brüllaffe
Singe hurleur roux link link
Alouatta macconnelli (1)LC Mammal
107Mantled Howler MonkeyMantelbrüllaffe
Hurleur à manteau link link
Alouatta palliata (3)VU Mammal
108Yucatán Black Howler MonkeyGuatemala-Brüllaffe
Hurleur du Guatemala link link
Alouatta pigra (6)EN Mammal
109Bolivian Red Howler MonkeyBolivianischer Brüllaffe
Alouate link link
Alouatta sara (1)LC Mammal
110Colombian Red Howler MonkeyRoter Brüllaffe
Hurleur roux link link
Alouatta seniculus (3)LC Mammal
111Orb Weaver Spider 
Alpaida link link
Alpaida veniliae (1)N/A Arachnid
Alphitonia link link
No image for Alphitonia zizyphoidesN/A Tree
113Red GingerAlpinia purpurata
Gingembre d'ornement rouge link link
Alpinia purpurata (11)N/A Flower
114Shell GingerAlpinia
Gingembre coquille link link
Alpinia zerumbet (2)N/A Flower
115Tree FernBecherfarne
Alsophila link link
Alsophila incana (1)N/A Other plant
Bois de fromage link link
Alstonia boonei (2)LC Tree
117Alurnus ornatus link link
Alurnus ornatus (1)N/A Insect
118Meneria Metalmark 
Amarynthis meneria link link
Amarynthis meneria (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
119White-breasted Waterhen 
Râle à poitrine blanche link link
Amaurornis phoenicurus (1)LC Bird
120White-bellied EmeraldBronzekopfamazilie
Ariane candide link link
Amazilia candida (2)LC Bird
121Azure-crowned HummingbirdBlaukopfamazilie
Ariane à couronne azur link link
Amazilia cyanocephala (1)LC Bird
122Andean EmeraldAndenamazilie
Ariane de Francia link link
Amazilia franciae (3)LC Bird
123Rufous-tailed HummingbirdBraunschwanzamazilie
Ariane à ventre gris link link
Amazilia tzacatl (4)LC Bird
124White-fronted AmazonWeißstirnamazone
Amazone à front blanc link link
Amazona albifrons (1)LC Bird
125Orange-winged AmazonVenezuela-Amazone
Amazone aourou link link
Amazona amazonica (1)LC Bird
126Red-lored AmazonGelbwangenamazone
Amazone à lores rouges link link
Amazona autumnalis (1)LC Bird
127Mealy AmazonMülleramazone
Amazone poudrée link link
Amazona farinosa (6)NT Bird
128Cuban AmazonKuba-Amazone
Amazone de Cuba link link
Amazona leucocephala (1)NT Bird
129Cuban Amazon ssp. leucocephalaKuba-Amazone
Amazone de Cuba link link
Amazona leucocephala leucocephala (1)NT Bird
130Yellow-crowned AmazonGelbscheitelamazone
Amazone à front jaune link link
Amazona ochrocephala (3)LC Bird
131Brazilian TealAmazonasente
Canard amazonette link link
Amazonetta brasiliensis (3)LC Bird
132Yellow-billed Cacique 
Cassique à bec jaune link link
Amblycercus holosericeus (1)LC Bird
133Tailless Whip ScorpionGeißelspinnen
Amblypygi link link
Amblypygi fam. (2)n/a Arachnid
134Scarlet-headed Blackbird 
Carouge à tête rouge link link
Amblyramphus holosericeus (1)LC Bird
135Marine IguanaMeerechse
Iguane marin des Galapagos link link
Amblyrhynchus cristatus (2)VU Reptile
136Santa Cruz Marine IguanaMeerechse
Iguane marin des Galapagos link link
Amblyrhynchus cristatus hassi (2)VU Reptile
137Spot-legged Poison FrogAmeerega
Ameerega picta link link
Ameerega picta (1)LC Amphibian
138Giant AmeivaGrüne Ameive
Ameive commun link link
Ameiva ameiva (3)N/A Reptile
139Grenadine AmeivaGrüne Ameive
Ameive commun link link
Ameiva tobagana (3)N/A Reptile
140Pride of BurmaTohabaum
Arbre à orchidées link link
Amherstia nobilis (1)N/A Tree
141Grassland Sparrow 
Bruant des savanes link link
Ammodramus humeralis (1)LC Bird
142Mauritian AnemonefishMauritius-Anemonenfisch
Poisson-clown de Maurice link link
Amphiprion chrysogaster (2)N/A Fish
143FiddleneckRaublattgewächse link link
Amsinckia menziesii (1)N/A Flower
144Cashew TreeCashew
Anacardier link link
Anacardium occidentale (4)N/A Tree
Ananas link link
Ananas comosus (2)N/A Other plant
146Wild PineappleAnanas
Ananas link link
Ananas sp. (1)n/a Other plant
147Red-headed Weaver 
Anaplecte écarlate link link
Anaplectes rubriceps (1)LC Bird
148Red PeacockAnartia amathea
Anartia amathea link link
Anartia amathea (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
149Banded PeacockAnartia fatima
Anartia fatima link link
Anartia fatima (5)N/A Butterfly/Moth
150Banded Peacock ssp. fatimaAnartia fatima
Anartia fatima link link
Anartia fatima fatima (5)N/A Butterfly/Moth
151Northern PintailSpießente
Canard pilet link link
Anas acuta (2)LC Bird
152White-cheeked PintailBahamaente
Canard des Bahamas link link
Anas bahamensis (1)LC Bird
153Cape TealKapente
Canard du Cap link link
Anas capensis (1)LC Bird
154Green-winged TealEigentliche Enten
Sarcelle à ailes vertes link link
Anas carolinensis (1)LC Bird
155Common TealKrickente
Sarcelle d'hiver link link
Anas crecca (1)LC Bird
156Mexican DuckMexikoente
Canard du Mexique link link
Anas diazi (1)N/A Bird
157Red-billed TealRotschnabelente
Canard à bec rouge link link
Anas erythrorhyncha (1)LC Bird
158Sunda TealSunda-Weißkehlente
Sarcelle grise link link
Anas gibberifrons (1)NT Bird
Canard colvert link link
Anas platyrhynchos (10)LC Bird
160Domestic DuckStockente
Canard colvert link link
Anas platyrhynchos domesticus (2)LC Bird
161Pacific Black DuckAugenbrauenente
Canard à sourcils link link
Anas superciliosa (2)LC Bird
162Yellow-billed DuckGelbschnabelente
Canard à bec jaune link link
Anas undulata (1)LC Bird
163African OpenbillMohrenklaffschnabel
Bec-ouvert africain link link
Anastomus lamelligerus (11)LC Bird
164Mainland African OpenbillMohrenklaffschnabel
Bec-ouvert africain link link
Anastomus lamelligerus lamelligerus (11)LC Bird
165Asian Openbill StorkSilberklaffschnabel
Bec-ouvert indien link link
Anastomus oscitans (2)LC Bird
166Anatolian Rock LizardNordwestanatolische Eidechse
Anatololacerta anatolica link link
Anatololacerta anatolica (1)LC Reptile
Ancylometes link link
Ancylometes sp. (1)n/a Arachnid
168Bandwing Grasshopper link link
Angaracris barabensis (1)N/A Insect
169Horned ScreamerHornwehrvogel
Kamichi cornu link link
Anhima cornuta (4)LC Bird
170AnhingaAmerikanischer Schlangenhalsvogel
Anhinga d'Amérique link link
Anhinga anhinga (10)LC Bird
171Oriental DarterIndischer Schlangenhalsvogel
Anhinga roux link link
Anhinga melanogaster (6)NT Bird
172African DarterAfrikanischer Schlangenhalsvogel
Anhinga d'Afrique link link
Anhinga rufa (14)LC Bird
173Mainland African DarterAfrikanischer Schlangenhalsvogel
Anhinga d'Afrique link link
Anhinga rufa rufa (14)LC Bird
Anisoptères link link
Anisoptera (14)n/a Dragonfly/Damselfly
Corossolier link link
Annona muricata (1)N/A Tree
176African Custard-appleAnnona senegalensis
Pomme-cannelle du Sénégal link link
Annona senegalensis (1)LC Tree
177Hyacinth MacawHyazinth-Ara
Ara hyacinthe link link
Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus (3)VU Bird
178Kankintú AnoleAnolis
Anolis ginaelisae link link
Anolis ginaelisae (2)N/A Reptile
179Osa AnoleAnolis
Anolis osa link link
Anolis osa (1)N/A Reptile
180Anole LizardAnolis
Anolis link link
Anolis sp. (1)n/a Reptile
181Atlántida Scaly AnoleAnolis
Anolis link link
Anolis wilsoni (1)N/A Reptile
182Junglesop Tree 
Anonidium mannii link link
Anonidium mannii (1)LC Tree
183Bushy-crested Hornbill 
Calao largup link link
Anorrhinus galeritus (1)NT Bird
184Greylag GooseGraugans
Oie cendrée link link
Anser anser (1)LC Bird
185Snow GooseSchneegans
Oie des neiges link link
Anser caerulescens (1)LC Bird
186Bar-headed GooseStreifengans
Oie à tête barrée link link
Anser indicus (1)LC Bird
187Cuban Crescent 
Anthanassa link link
Anthanassa frisia (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
188Oriental Pied HornbillOrienthornvogel
Calao pie link link
Anthracoceros albirostris (1)LC Bird
189Malabar Pied HornbillMalabarhornvogel
Calao de Malabar link link
Anthracoceros coronatus (2)NT Bird
190Black HornbillMalaien-Hornvogel
Calao charbonnier link link
Anthracoceros malayanus (2)VU Bird
191Black-throated MangoSchwarzbrust-Mangokolibri
Mango à cravate noire link link
Anthracothorax nigricollis (1)LC Bird
192Green-breasted MangoGrünbrust-Mangokolibri
Mango de Prévost link link
Anthracothorax prevostii (1)LC Bird
193Western Violet-backed Sunbird 
Souimanga violet link link
Anthreptes longuemarei (1)LC Bird
194Brown-throated Sunbird 
Souimanga à gorge brune link link
Anthreptes malacensis (2)LC Bird
195African PipitPieper
Pipit africain link link
Anthus cinnamomeus (2)LC Bird
196Long-legged PipitPieper
Pipit à longues pattes link link
Anthus pallidiventris (2)LC Bird
Pipits link link
Anthus sp. (1)n/a Bird
Springbok link link
Antidorcas marsupialis (3)LC Mammal
199Kalahari SpringbokAntidorcas marsupialis
Springbok link link
Antidorcas marsupialis hofmeyri (3)LC Mammal
200Sarus CraneSaruskranich
Grue antigone link link
Antigone antigone (1)VU Bird
201Oriental Small-clawed OtterZwergotter
Loutre cendrée link link
Aonyx cinereus (2)VU Mammal
202Spix's Night MonkeySpix-Nachtaffe
Douroucouli link link
Aotus vociferans (1)LC Mammal
203Narina TrogonNarinatrogon
Trogon narina link link
Apaloderma narina (1)LC Bird
204Transvolcanic Jay 
Geai des volcans link link
Aphelocoma ultramarina (1)LC Bird
205Woodhouse's Scrub-jay 
Aphelocoma link link
Aphelocoma woodhouseii (1)N/A Bird
206Western Honey BeeWestliche Honigbiene
Mouche à miel link link
Apis mellifera (1)DD Insect
207African Honey BeeOstafrikanische Hochlandbiene
Abeille africaine link link
Apis mellifera scutellata (1)DD Insect
208Metallic StarlingSingstare
Stourne luisant link link
Aplonis metallica (1)LC Bird
209Yellow Tube Sponge 
Éponge tuyau d'orgue link link
Aplysina fistularis (2)N/A Invertebrate
210Yellow Tube Sponge link link
Aplysina insularis (4)N/A Invertebrate
211Blacktip CardinalfishApogonini
Apogon link link
Apogon atradorsatus (2)LC Fish
212Steppe EagleSteppenadler
Aigle des steppes link link
Aquila nipalensis (1)EN Bird
213Tawny EagleRaubadler
Aigle ravisseur link link
Aquila rapax (8)VU Bird
214African Hawk EagleAfrikanischer Habichtsadler
Aigle fascié link link
Aquila spilogaster (2)LC Bird
215Great Green MacawGroßer Soldatenara
Ara de Buffon link link
Ara ambiguus (1)CR Bird
216Blue-and-yellow MacawGelbbrustara
Ara bleu link link
Ara ararauna (3)LC Bird
217Red-and-green MacawGrünflügelara
Ara chloroptère link link
Ara chloropterus (1)LC Bird
218Scarlet MacawHellroter Ara
Ara rouge link link
Ara macao (11)LC Bird
219Chestnut-fronted MacawRotbugara
Ara vert link link
Ara severus (1)LC Bird
220Little SpiderhunterWeißkehl-Spinnenjäger
Petit Arachnothère link link
Arachnothera longirostra (1)LC Bird
221Russet-naped Wood Rail 
Aramides link link
Aramides albiventris (3)N/A Bird
222Grey-necked Wood RailCayenneralle
Râle de Cayenne link link
Aramides cajaneus (1)LC Bird
223Giant Wood Rail 
Râle ypécaha link link
Aramides ypecaha (1)LC Bird
Courlan brun link link
Aramus guarauna (3)LC Bird
Araignées link link
Araneae fam. (12)n/a Arachnid
Carte géographique link link
Araschnia levana (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
227Nanday ParakeetNandaysittich
Conure nanday link link
Aratinga nenday (1)LC Bird
228Dusky-headed ParakeetBraunkopfsittich
Conure de Weddell link link
Aratinga weddellii (3)LC Bird
229Norfolk Island PineZimmertanne
Pin de Norfolk link link
Araucaria heterophylla (1)VU Tree
230Texas MadroneErdbeerbäume
Arbousiers link link
Arbutus xalapensis (1)CD Tree
231Ruby-throated HummingbirdRubinkehlkolibri
Colibri à gorge rubis link link
Archilochus colubris (1)LC Bird
232Great EgretSilberreiher
Grande Aigrette link link
Ardea alba (59)LC Bird
233American Great EgretSilberreiher
Grande Aigrette link link
Ardea alba egretta (28)LC Bird
234African Great EgretSilberreiher
Grande Aigrette link link
Ardea alba melanorhynchos (20)LC Bird
235Eastern Great EgretSilberreiher
Grande Aigrette link link
Ardea alba modesta (11)LC Bird
236Grey HeronGraureiher
Héron cendré link link
Ardea cinerea (36)LC Bird
237Western Grey HeronGraureiher
Héron cendré link link
Ardea cinerea cinerea (33)LC Bird
238Eastern Grey HeronGraureiher
Héron cendré link link
Ardea cinerea jouyi (2)LC Bird
239Cocoi HeronCocoireiher
Héron cocoi link link
Ardea cocoi (8)LC Bird
240Goliath HeronGoliathreiher
Héron goliath link link
Ardea goliath (15)LC Bird
241Great Blue HeronKanadareiher
Grand Héron link link
Ardea herodias (11)LC Bird
242Galápagos Great Blue HeronKanadareiher
Grand Héron link link
Ardea herodias cognata (2)LC Bird
243Intermediate EgretMittelreiher
Héron intermédiaire link link
Ardea intermedia (8)LC Bird
244Yellow-billed EgretMittelreiher
Héron intermédiaire link link
Ardea intermedia brachyrhyncha (7)LC Bird
245Asian Intermediate EgretMittelreiher
Héron intermédiaire link link
Ardea intermedia intermedia (1)LC Bird
246Black-headed HeronSchwarzhalsreiher
Héron mélanocéphale link link
Ardea melanocephala (12)LC Bird
247Purple HeronPurpurreiher
Héron pourpré link link
Ardea purpurea (10)LC Bird
248Eastern Purple HeronPurpurreiher
Héron pourpré link link
Ardea purpurea manilensis (4)LC Bird
249Western Purple HeronPurpurreiher
Héron pourpré link link
Ardea purpurea purpurea (6)LC Bird
250Chinese Pond HeronBacchusreiher
Crabier chinois link link
Ardeola bacchus (2)LC Bird
251Indian Pond HeronPaddyreiher
Crabier de Gray link link
Ardeola grayii (4)LC Bird
252Squacco HeronRallenreiher
Crabier chevelu link link
Ardeola ralloides (11)LC Bird
253Rufous-bellied HeronRotbauchreiher
Crabier à ventre roux link link
Ardeola rufiventris (2)LC Bird
254Kori BustardRiesentrappe
Outarde kori link link
Ardeotis kori (8)NT Bird
255Southern Kori BustardRiesentrappe
Outarde kori link link
Ardeotis kori kori (4)NT Bird
256Somali Kori BustardRiesentrappe
Outarde kori link link
Ardeotis kori struthiunculus (4)NT Bird
257Ardipithecus ramidusArdipithecus ramidus
Ardipithecus ramidus link link
Ardipithecus ramidus (2)EX Mammal
258Betel Nut PalmBetelnusspalme
Palmier à bétel link link
Areca catechu (1)N/A Tree
259Ruddy TernstoneSteinwälzer
Tournepierre à collier link link
Arenaria interpres (2)LC Bird
260Garden OrbweaverArgiope
Argiope link link
Argiope sp. (1)n/a Arachnid
261Yellow-billed BabblerGelbschnabeldrossling
Cratérope affin link link
Argya affinis (1)LC Bird
262White-throated Babbler 
Cratérope à gorge blanche link link
Argya gularis (1)LC Bird
263Orange-billed Babbler 
Cratérope de Ceylan link link
Argya rufescens (1)NT Bird
264Silver-washed FritillaryKaisermantel
Tabac d'Espagne link link
Argynnis paphia (2)N/A Butterfly/Moth
265Sea ThriftStrand-Grasnelke
Armérie maritime link link
Armeria maritima (1)N/A Flower
266Guineafowl PufferfishPerlhuhn-Kugelfisch
Poisson ballon pintade link link
Arothron meleagris (2)LC Fish
267Blackspotted PufferfishSchwarzflecken-Kugelfisch
Poisson-ballon à taches noires link link
Arothron nigropunctatus (1)LC Fish
268Green-striped Brush Finch 
Tohi à raies vertes link link
Arremon virenticeps (1)LC Bird
269Black-striped Sparrow 
Arremonops link link
Arremonops conirostris (1)LC Bird
Armoise link link
Artemisia sp. (1)n/a Other plant
271Jamaican Fruit-eating BatGroße Braune Fledermaus
Sérotine brune link link
Artibeus jamaicensis (1)LC Mammal
Arbre à pain link link
Artocarpus altilis (2)N/A Tree
Jacquier link link
Artocarpus heterophyllus (5)N/A Tree
274Bamboo OrchidArundina graminifolia
Arundina link link
Arundina graminifolia (4)N/A Flower
275White-headed Marsh Tyrant 
Moucherolle à tête blanche link link
Arundinicola leucocephala (2)LC Bird
276Blick's Grass RatKusuratten
Arvicanthis link link
Arvicanthis blicki (1)NT Mammal
277Black WitchSchwarze Hexe link link
Ascalapha odorata (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
Aschiphasmatidae link link
Aschiphasmatidae gen. (1)n/a Insect
Fleur de sang link link
Asclepias curassavica (1)N/A Flower
280Robber FlyRaubfliegen
Asilidés link link
Asilidae gen. (1)n/a Insect
281Western Whiptail 
Aspidoscelis tigris link link
Aspidoscelis tigris (1)LC Reptile
282Sonoran Tiger Whiptail 
Aspidoscelis tigris punctilinealis link link
Aspidoscelis tigris punctilinealis (1)LC Reptile
283Quebracho BlancoQuebrachobaum
Quebracho blanc link link
Aspidosperma quebracho-blanco (1)N/A Tree
284Bird's Nest FernNestfarn
Fougère nid d'oiseau link link
Asplenium nidus (1)N/A Other plant
285Ribbon-tailed AstrapiaSchmalschwanz-Paradieselster
Paradisier à rubans link link
Astrapia mayeri (1)NT Bird
286Huicungo Palm 
Astrocaryum huicungo link link
Astrocaryum huicungo (1)N/A Tree
287Black Palm 
Astrocaryum standleyanum link link
Astrocaryum standleyanum (1)N/A Tree
288Radiated TortoiseStrahlenschildkröte
Tortue rayonnée link link
Astrochelys radiata (1)CR Reptile
289Chinese VioletAsystasia gangetica
Asystasia gangetica link link
Asystasia gangetica (1)N/A Flower
290White-bellied Spider MonkeyWeißstirnklammeraffe
Singe-araignée à ventre blanc link link
Ateles belzebuth (1)EN Mammal
291Central American Spider MonkeyGeoffroy-Klammeraffe
Singe-araignée de Geoffroy link link
Ateles geoffroyi (6)EN Mammal
292Red-faced Spider MonkeyRotgesichtklammeraffe
Singe-araignée commun link link
Ateles paniscus (1)VU Mammal
293Pitta-like Ground RollerBlaukopf-Erdracke
Brachyptérolle pittoïde link link
Atelornis pittoides (1)LC Bird
294Spotted OwletBrahma-Kauz
Chevêche brame link link
Athene brama (1)LC Bird
295Burrowing OwlKaninchenkauz
Chevêche des terriers link link
Athene cunicularia (1)LC Bird
296White-naped Brush FinchBuschammern
Tohi à calotte blanche link link
Atlapetes albinucha (2)LC Bird
297Yellow-thighed BrushfinchBuschammern
Pselliophorus link link
Atlapetes tibialis (1)N/A Bird
298Tropical GarTropischer Knochenhecht
Gaspar link link
Atractosteus tropicus (1)LC Fish
299Cohune PalmAttalea
Attalea link link
Attalea cohune (1)N/A Tree
300Urucuri PalmAttalea
Attalea link link
Attalea phalerata (1)N/A Tree
301White-banded Swallow 
Hirondelle des torrents link link
Atticora fasciata (1)LC Bird
302Bright-rumped Attila 
Attila à croupion jaune link link
Attila spadiceus (1)LC Bird
303Hooded VisorbearerGoldmaskenkolibri
Colibri lumachelle link link
Augastes lumachella (1)NT Bird
304Blue-throated ToucanetGrünarassaris
Toucanet à gorge bleue link link
Aulacorhynchus caeruleogularis (1)LC Bird
305Northern Emerald ToucanetLaucharassari
Toucanet émeraude link link
Aulacorhynchus prasinus (1)LC Bird
306Pacific TrumpetfishPazifischer Trompetenfisch
Poisson-trompette link link
Aulostomus chinensis (1)LC Fish
307Western Atlantic TrumpetfishWestatlantischer Trompetenfisch
Poisson-trompette tachetée link link
Aulostomus maculatus (2)LC Fish
308LucyAustralopithecus afarensis
Australopithecus afarensis link link
Australopithecus afarensis (2)N/A Mammal
309Eyed Silk MothAutomeris
Automeris metzli link link
Automeris metzli (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
310Madagascar Cuckoo-hawkLemurenweih
Baza malgache link link
Aviceda madagascariensis (1)LC Bird
311Pacific BazaPapuaweih
Baza huppé link link
Aviceda subcristata (3)LC Bird
312Black MangroveSchwarze Mangrove
Bois de mèche link link
Avicennia germinans (3)LC Tree
313Black MangroveAvicennia
Avicennia link link
Avicennia sp. (2)n/a Tree
314Peruvian Pinktoe TarantulaAvicularia juruensis
Avicularia link link
Avicularia juruensis (1)N/A Arachnid
315Pink-toed TarantulaAvicularia
Avicularia link link
Avicularia sp. (2)n/a Arachnid
Cerf axis link link
Axis axis (12)LC Mammal
317Tufted DuckReiherente
Fuligule morillon link link
Aythya fuligula (2)LC Bird
318Greater ScaupBergente
Fuligule milouinan link link
Aythya marila (1)LC Bird
319Ferruginous DuckMoorente
Fuligule nyroca link link
Aythya nyroca (1)NT Bird
320Aztec AntAzteca link link
Azteca sp. (1)n/a Insect
321Azuragrion link link
Azuragrion sp. (1)n/a Dragonfly/Damselfly
322Maraja PalmBactris
Bactris link link
Bactris maraja (2)N/A Tree
323Blue WhaleBlauwal
Baleine bleue link link
Balaenoptera musculus (4)EN Mammal
324Grey Crowned CraneSüdafrika-Kronenkranich
Grue royale link link
Balearica regulorum (11)EN Bird
325East African Crowned CraneSüdafrika-Kronenkranich
Grue royale link link
Balearica regulorum gibbericeps (9)EN Bird
326South African Crowned CraneSüdafrika-Kronenkranich
Grue royale link link
Balearica regulorum regulorum (1)EN Bird
327Clown TriggerfishLeopard-Drückerfisch
Baliste clown link link
Balistoides conspicillum (1)N/A Fish
328Common BambooBambusa
Bambou commun link link
Bambusa vulgaris (1)N/A Tree
329Golden-browed WarblerGoldstreif-Waldsänger
Paruline à sourcils dorés link link
Basileuterus belli (1)LC Bird
330Golden-crowned WarblerGoldhähnchen-Waldsänger
Paruline à couronne dorée link link
Basileuterus culicivorus (1)LC Bird
331Black-cheeked WarblerSchwarzwangen-Waldsänger
Paruline sombre link link
Basileuterus melanogenys (1)LC Bird
332Rufous-capped WarblerRotkappen-Waldsänger
Paruline à calotte rousse link link
Basileuterus rufifrons (1)LC Bird
333White-eared HummingbirdPurpurstirn-Saphirkolibri
Colibri à oreilles blanches link link
Basilinna leucotis (1)LC Bird
334Common BasiliskHelmbasilisk
Basilic commun link link
Basiliscus basiliscus (3)LC Reptile
335Green BasiliskStirnlappenbasilisk
Lézard Jésus-Christ link link
Basiliscus plumifrons (2)LC Reptile
336Brown BasiliskStreifenbasilisk
Basilic brun link link
Basiliscus vittatus (2)LC Reptile
337Rwenzori BatisBatis
Batis link link
Batis diops (1)LC Bird
338Chinspot BatisBatis
Pririt molitor link link
Batis molitor (2)LC Bird
339Hawk Moth link link
Batocnema coquerelii (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
340Sri Lanka FrogmouthCeylonfroschmaul
Podarge de Ceylan link link
Batrachostomus moniliger (2)LC Bird
341Pipevine SwallowtailBattus philenor
Battus philenor link link
Battus philenor (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
Bégonia link link
Begonia obliqua (2)N/A Flower
343Pioneer White 
Belenois aurota link link
Belenois aurota (2)N/A Butterfly/Moth
344Brown-veined White 
Belenois aurota link link
Belenois aurota aurota (2)N/A Butterfly/Moth
345Common DaisyGänseblümchen
Pâquerette link link
Bellis perennis (1)N/A Flower
346White-crested HornbillLangschopf-Hornvogel
Calao coiffé link link
Berenicornis comatus (1)EN Bird
347Congo Berlinia 
Berlinia link link
Berlinia congolensis (1)N/A Tree
Bouleau link link
Betula sp. (2)n/a Tree
349Uncertain Owlet 
Bia actorion link link
Bia actorion (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
350Red RimBiblis hyperia
Bande rouge link link
Biblis aganisa (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
351Bidens triplinerviaZweizähne
Bidents link link
Bidens triplinervia (1)N/A Flower
352Bismarckia Fan PalmBismarckpalme
Palmier de Bismarck link link
Bismarckia nobilis (1)N/A Tree
353European BisonWisent
Bison d'Europe link link
Bison bonasus (1)NT Mammal
354Lipstick TreeAnnattostrauch
Roucou link link
Bixa orellana (1)N/A Flower
355Boa constrictorAbgottschlange
Boa constricteur link link
Boa constrictor (1)N/A Reptile
356Canal Zone Tree Frog 
Hypsiboas rufitelus link link
Boana rufitela (1)LC Amphibian
357Mexican Hogfish 
Bodianus link link
Bodianus diplotaenia (1)LC Fish
358Spanish HogfishSpanischer Schweinslippfisch
Pourceau espagnol link link
Bodianus rufus (2)LC Fish
359Trailing LilyBomarien
Bomarea link link
Bomarea multiflora (1)N/A Flower
360Silk MothSeidenspinner
Bombyx du mûrier link link
Bombyx mori (2)N/A Butterfly/Moth
361African Fan PalmÄthiopische Palmyrapalme
Palmier rônier link link
Borassus aethiopum (4)N/A Tree
Yack link link
Bos grunniens (2)N/A Mammal
Vache link link
Bos taurus (10)LC Mammal
364Watusi CattleHausrind
Vache link link
Bos taurus africanus (6)LC Mammal
365Zebu CattleZebu
Zébu link link
Bos taurus indicus (2)LC Mammal
366Shepherd's Tree 
Boscia albitrunca link link
Boscia albitrunca (2)N/A Tree
367Nilgai AntelopeNilgauantilope
Antilope Nilgaut link link
Boselaphus tragocamelus (2)LC Mammal
368Wattled IbisKlunkeribis
Ibis caronculé link link
Bostrychia carunculata (1)LC Bird
369Hadada IbisHagedasch
Ibis hagedash link link
Bostrychia hagedash (12)LC Bird
370Northern Hadada IbisHagedasch
Ibis hagedash link link
Bostrychia hagedash brevirostris (9)LC Bird
371Southern Hadada IbisHagedasch
Ibis hagedash link link
Bostrychia hagedash hagedash (3)LC Bird
372Eyelash Pit ViperGreifschwanz-Lanzenotter
Vipère de Schlegel link link
Bothriechis schlegelii (4)LC Reptile
373Great BougainvilleaBougainvillea spectabilis
Bougainvillea spectabilis link link
Bougainvillea spectabilis (2)N/A Flower
374Lava CactusBrachycereus nesioticus
Lava cactus link link
Brachycereus nesioticus (1)LC Other plant
Miombos link link
Brachystegia longifolia (1)N/A Tree
Miombos link link
Brachystegia manga (1)N/A Tree
377Ditch Jewel 
Brachythemis link link
Brachythemis contaminata (2)LC Dragonfly/Damselfly
378Northern Banded Groundling 
Brachythemis link link
Brachythemis impartita (1)LC Dragonfly/Damselfly
379Banded Groundling 
Brachythemis link link
Brachythemis leucosticta (2)LC Dragonfly/Damselfly
Brachythemis link link
Brachythemis sp. (1)n/a Dragonfly/Damselfly
381Giant Burrowing Cricket link link
Brachytrupes sp. (1)n/a Insect
382Brown-throated Three-toed SlothBraunkehl-Faultier
Paresseux à gorge brune link link
Bradypus variegatus (4)LC Mammal
383Canada GooseKanadagans
Bernache du Canada link link
Branta canadensis (2)LC Bird
384Giant BromeliadBrocchinia
Brocchinia micrantha link link
Brocchinia micrantha (1)N/A Other plant
Bromeliaceae link link
Bromeliaceae gen. (1)n/a Other plant
386Green Crested Lizard 
Bronchocela cristatella link link
Bronchocela cristatella (1)N/A Reptile
387Brontosaurus excelsusBrontosaurus
Brontosaure link link
Brontosaurus excelsus (2)EX Reptile
388Cobalt-winged ParakeetBlauflügelsittich
Toui de Deville link link
Brotogeris cyanoptera (1)LC Bird
389Angel's TrumpetBrugmansia arborea
Brugmansia arborea link link
Brugmansia arborea (1)EW Tree
390Red Angel's TrumpetEngelstrompeten
Trompette des anges écarlate link link
Brugmansia sanguinea (1)EW Tree
391Trumpet FlowerEngelstrompeten
Trompette des anges link link
Brugmansia sp. (10)n/a Flower
392Yesterday-today-and-tomorrowBrunfelsia pauciflora
Brunfelsia link link
Brunfelsia pauciflora (3)N/A Flower
393White-billed Buffalo WeaverAlektoweber
Alecto à bec blanc link link
Bubalornis albirostris (1)LC Bird
394Red-billed Buffalo WeaverBüffelweber
Alecto à bec rouge link link
Bubalornis niger (1)LC Bird
395Asian Water BuffaloWasserbüffel
Buffle d'Asie link link
Bubalus bubalis (3)N/A Mammal
396Spotted Eagle OwlFleckenuhu
Grand-duc africain link link
Bubo africanus (2)LC Bird
397Verreaux's Eagle OwlMilchuhu
Grand-duc de Verreaux link link
Bubo lacteus (3)LC Bird
398Barred Eagle OwlMalayen-Uhu
Grand-duc bruyant link link
Bubo sumatranus (1)LC Bird
399Cattle EgretKuhreiher
Héron garde-bœufs link link
Bubulcus ibis (39)N/A Bird
400Eastern Cattle EgretKuhreiher
Héron garde-bœufs link link
Bubulcus ibis coromandus (6)N/A Bird
401Western Cattle EgretKuhreiher
Héron garde-bœufs link link
Bubulcus ibis ibis (33)N/A Bird
402Rhinoceros HornbillRhinozerosvogel
Calao rhinocéros link link
Buceros rhinoceros (4)VU Bird
403Abyssinian Ground HornbillNördlicher Hornrabe
Bucorve d'Abyssinie link link
Bucorvus abyssinicus (7)VU Bird
404Southern Ground HornbillSüdlicher Hornrabe
Bucorve du Sud link link
Bucorvus leadbeateri (7)VU Bird
Takin link link
Budorcas taxicolor (3)VU Mammal
406Bhutan TakinBudorcas taxicolor
Takin link link
Budorcas taxicolor whitei (3)VU Mammal
407Palo Santo 
Palo santo link link
Bulnesia sarmientoi (1)EN Tree
408Yellow-billed OxpeckerGelbschnabel-Madenhacker
Piquebœuf à bec jaune link link
Buphagus africanus (9)LC Bird
409Red-billed OxpeckerRotschnabel-Madenhacker
Piquebœuf à bec rouge link link
Buphagus erythrorhynchus (4)LC Bird
410Senegal Thick-kneeSenegaltriel
Œdicnème du Sénégal link link
Burhinus senegalensis (2)LC Bird
411Water Thick-kneeWassertriel
Œdicnème vermiculé link link
Burhinus vermiculatus (6)LC Bird
412Gumbo LimboWeißgummibaum
Gommier rouge link link
Bursera simaruba (3)LC Tree
413Black-collared HawkFischbussard
Buse à tête blanche link link
Busarellus nigricollis (5)LC Bird
414Grasshopper BuzzardHeuschreckenbussard
Busautour des sauterelles link link
Butastur rufipennis (5)LC Bird
415Augur BuzzardAugurbussard
Buse augure link link
Buteo augur (6)LC Bird
416Short-tailed HawkKurzschwanzbussard
Buse à queue courte link link
Buteo brachyurus (1)LC Bird
417Common BuzzardMäusebussard
Buse variable link link
Buteo buteo (1)LC Bird
418Galápagos HawkGalapagosbussard
Buse des Galapagos link link
Buteo galapagoensis (1)VU Bird
419Gray HawkGraubussard
Buse grise link link
Buteo plagiatus (1)LC Bird
Buse link link
Buteo sp. (2)n/a Bird
421Savanna HawkSavannenbussard
Buse roussâtre link link
Buteogallus meridionalis (2)LC Bird
422Great Black HawkSchwarzbussard
Buse urubu link link
Buteogallus urubitinga (6)LC Bird
423Striated HeronMangrovereiher
Héron strié link link
Butorides striata (14)LC Bird
424Sub-Saharan Striated HeronMangrovereiher
Héron strié link link
Butorides striata atricapilla (3)LC Bird
425Lava HeronLavareiher
Héron des Galapagos link link
Butorides sundevalli (2)N/A Bird
426Green HeronGrünreiher
Héron vert link link
Butorides virescens (7)LC Bird
427Chinese Windmill link link
Byasa plutonius (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
428Silver-cheeked HornbillSilberwangenhornvogel
Calao à joues argent link link
Bycanistes brevis (1)LC Bird
429Trumpeter HornbillTrompeterhornvogel
Calao trompette link link
Bycanistes bucinator (4)LC Bird
430Black-and-white-casqued HornbillGrauwangen-Hornvogel
Calao à joues grises link link
Bycanistes subcylindricus (2)LC Bird
431Sulphur-crested CockatooGelbhaubenkakadu
Cacatoès à huppe jaune link link
Cacatua galerita (2)LC Bird
432Blue-eyed CockatooBrillenkakadu
Cacatoès aux yeux bleus link link
Cacatua ophthalmica (1)VU Bird
433Yellow-rumped CaciqueGelbbürzelkassike
Cassique cul-jaune link link
Cacicus cela (5)LC Bird
434Red-rumped Cacique 
Cassique cul-rouge link link
Cacicus haemorrhous (1)LC Bird
435Peacock FlowerPfauenstrauch
Fleur de paon link link
Caesalpinia pulcherrima (3)N/A Flower
436Spectacled CaimanKrokodilkaiman
Caïman à lunettes link link
Caiman crocodilus (3)LC Reptile
437South American Spectacled CaimanKrokodilkaiman
Caïman à lunettes link link
Caiman crocodilus crocodilus (1)LC Reptile
438Brown CaimanKrokodilkaiman
Caïman à lunettes link link
Caiman crocodilus fuscus (2)LC Reptile
439Broad-snouted CaimanBreitschnauzenkaiman
Caïman à museau large link link
Caiman latirostris (2)LC Reptile
440Yacare CaimanBrillenkaiman
Jacara link link
Caiman yacare (2)LC Reptile
441Muscovy DuckMoschusente
Canard musqué link link
Cairina moschata (3)LC Bird
Calamus link link
Calamus sp. (1)n/a Other plant
443Yellow Lady's SlipperPantoffelblumen
Calceolaria biflora link link
Calceolaria biflora (1)N/A Flower
444Thorny BroomDornginster
Calicotome link link
Calicotome villosa (1)N/A Tree
Bécasseau variable link link
Calidris alpina (2)LC Bird
446Baird's SandpiperBairdstrandläufer
Bécasseau de Baird link link
Calidris bairdii (1)LC Bird
447Western SandpiperBergstrandläufer
Bécasseau d'Alaska link link
Calidris mauri (1)LC Bird
448Little StintZwergstrandläufer
Bécasseau minute link link
Calidris minuta (1)LC Bird
449Least SandpiperWiesenstrandläufer
Bécasseau minuscule link link
Calidris minutilla (1)LC Bird
Combattant varié link link
Calidris pugnax (3)LC Bird
451Calidris SandpiperStrandläufer
Calidris link link
Calidris sp. (2)n/a Bird
452Owl ButterflyBananenfalter
Papillons-hiboux link link
Caligo sp. (3)n/a Butterfly/Moth
453Fairy DusterPuderquastenstrauch
Arbre aux houppettes link link
Calliandra eriophylla (3)N/A Flower
454Gambel's QuailHelmwachtel
Colin de Gambel link link
Callipepla gambelii (1)LC Bird
455Purple-throated WoodstarPurpurkehl-Sternkolibri
Colibri de Mitchell link link
Calliphlox mitchellii (1)LC Bird
456Ringed TealRotschulterente
Canard à collier noir link link
Callonetta leucophrys (3)LC Bird
457Prevost's SquirrelPrevost-Hörnchen
Écureuil de Prévost link link
Callosciurus prevostii (1)LC Mammal
458Irrawaddy SquirrelIrawadi-Hörnchen
Callosciurus link link
Callosciurus pygerythrus (1)LC Mammal
459Common HeatherBesenheide
Bruyère callune link link
Calluna vulgaris (3)N/A Flower
460Broad-winged DamselflyPrachtlibellen
Calopterygidae link link
Calopterygidae gen. (1)n/a Dragonfly/Damselfly
461Common Green Forest LizardSchönechsen
Calotes calotes link link
Calotes calotes (5)N/A Reptile
462Changeable LizardBlutsaugeragame
Agame versicolore link link
Calotes versicolor (2)N/A Reptile
463Sodom AppleOscher
Pommier de Sodome link link
Calotropis procera (1)N/A Other plant
Calycophyllum spruceanum link link
Calycophyllum spruceanum (2)N/A Tree
465Anna's HummingbirdAnnakolibri
Colibri d'Anna link link
Calypte anna (5)LC Bird
Théier link link
Camellia sinensis (1)DD Other plant
467Bactrian CamelTrampeltier
Chameau de Bactriane link link
Camelus bactrianus (1)N/A Mammal
Dromadaire link link
Camelus dromedarius (6)N/A Mammal
469HarebellRundblättrige Glockenblume
Campanule à feuilles rondes link link
Campanula rotundifolia (1)N/A Flower
470Pale-billed WoodpeckerKönigsspecht
Pic à bec clair link link
Campephilus guatemalensis (2)LC Bird
471Crimson-crested WoodpeckerSchwarzkehlspecht
Pic de Malherbe link link
Campephilus melanoleucos (3)LC Bird
472Golden-tailed WoodpeckerGoldschwanzspecht
Pic à queue dorée link link
Campethera abingoni (1)LC Bird
473Bennett's WoodpeckerBennettspecht
Pic de Bennett link link
Campethera bennettii (1)LC Bird
474Bennett's Woodpecker ssp. bennettiiBennettspecht
Pic de Bennett link link
Campethera bennettii bennettii (1)LC Bird
475Coqui FrancolinCoquifrankolin
Francolin coqui link link
Campocolinus coqui (2)N/A Bird
476Violet SabrewingViolettdegenflügel
Campyloptère violet link link
Campylopterus hemileucurus (5)LC Bird
477Cactus WrenKaktuszaunkönig
Troglodyte des cactus link link
Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus (2)LC Bird
478Bicolored WrenBrauenzaunkönig
Troglodyte bicolore link link
Campylorhynchus griseus (1)LC Bird
479African Elemi 
Élémier d'Afrique link link
Canarium schweinfurthii (1)N/A Tree
480Beach BeanStrandbohne
Pois-bord-de-mer link link
Canavalia rosea (1)N/A Flower
481Golden JackalGoldschakal
Chacal doré link link
Canis aureus (2)LC Mammal
482Indian JackalGoldschakal
Chacal doré link link
Canis aureus indicus (1)LC Mammal
483Sri Lankan JackalGoldschakal
Chacal doré link link
Canis aureus naria (1)LC Mammal
Chien link link
Canis familiaris (1)N/A Mammal
485African Golden WolfAfrikanischer Goldwolf
Loup doré link link
Canis lupaster (3)LC Mammal
486North African WolfAfrikanischer Goldwolf
Loup d’Égypte link link
Canis lupaster lupaster (3)LC Mammal
487Ethiopian WolfÄthiopischer Wolf
Loup d'Abyssinie link link
Canis simensis (3)EN Mammal
488Whitespotted FilefishWeißflecken-Feilenfisch
Cantherhines link link
Cantherhines macrocerus (1)N/A Fish
489Capnogryllacris link link
Capnogryllacris sp. (1)n/a Insect
490Spiny CaperEchter Kapernstrauch
Câprier link link
Capparis spinosa (2)N/A Flower
491Wild GoatWildziege
Chèvre link link
Capra aegagrus (1)NT Mammal
492Domesticated GoatHausziege
Chèvre link link
Capra aegagrus hircus (1)NT Mammal
493Siberian IbexSibirischer Steinbock
Ibex de Sibérie link link
Capra sibirica (1)NT Mammal
494Western Roe DeerReh
Chevreuil link link
Capreolus capreolus (1)LC Mammal
495Square-tailed NightjarWelwitschnachtschwalbe
Engoulevent du Mozambique link link
Caprimulgus fossii (2)LC Bird
Caracal link link
Caracal caracal (2)LC Mammal
497Northern Crested CaracaraKaribikkarakara
Caracara du Nord link link
Caracara cheriway (2)LC Bird
498Southern Crested CaracaraSchopfkarakara
Caracara huppé link link
Caracara plancus (7)LC Bird
499Galápagos SharkGalapagoshai
Requin des Galápagos link link
Carcharhinus galapagensis (1)LC Fish
500Wilson's WarblerMönchswaldsänger
Paruline à calotte noire link link
Cardellina pusilla (1)LC Bird
501Red WarblerPurpurwaldsänger
Paruline rouge link link
Cardellina rubra (1)LC Bird
502Blue Land Crab 
Crabe terrestre bleu link link
Cardisoma guanhumi (2)N/A Crab/Lobster
Carebara link link
Carebara sp. (1)n/a Insect
504Loggerhead Sea TurtleUnechte Karettschildkröte
Caouanne link link
Caretta caretta (2)VU Reptile
505Red-legged SeriemaRotfußseriema
Cariama huppé link link
Cariama cristata (1)LC Bird
Papayer link link
Carica papaya (4)N/A Tree
Saguaro link link
Carnegiea gigantea (6)LC Other plant
508Ice PlantCarpobrotus
Carpobrotus link link
Carpobrotus sp. (1)n/a Flower
509Woolly Distaff ThistleWollige Färberdistel
Carthamus lanatus link link
Carthamus lanatus (1)N/A Flower
510Black-faced Grosbeak 
Cardinal à ventre blanc link link
Caryothraustes poliogaster (2)LC Bird
511Sweet ChestnutEdelkastanie
Châtaignier commun link link
Castanea sativa (1)LC Tree
512Panama Rubber TreeCastilla elastica
Castilla elastica link link
Castilla elastica (1)N/A Tree
513Castilleja fissifoliaCastilleja
Castilleja fissifolia link link
Castilleja fissifolia (2)N/A Flower
514Southern CassowaryHelmkasuar
Casoar à casque link link
Casuarius casuarius (3)LC Bird
515Bicolored Saharan AntCataglyphis bicolor
Fourmi du Sahara link link
Cataglyphis bicolor (1)N/A Insect
516Madagascar PeriwinkleRosafarbene Catharanthe
Pervenche de Madagascar link link
Catharanthus roseus (3)N/A Flower
517Turkey VultureTruthahngeier
Urubu à tête rouge link link
Cathartes aura (18)LC Bird
518Lesser Yellow-headed VultureKleiner Gelbkopfgeier
Urubu à tête jaune link link
Cathartes burrovianus (3)LC Bird
519Greater Yellow-headed VultureGroßer Gelbkopfgeier
Grand Urubu link link
Cathartes melambrotus (3)LC Bird
520Black-billed Nightingale ThrushMusendrosseln
Grive à bec noir link link
Catharus gracilirostris (1)LC Bird
521Russet Nightingale ThrushMusendrosseln
Grive roussâtre link link
Catharus occidentalis (1)LC Bird
522Swainson's ThrushMusendrosseln
Grive à dos olive link link
Catharus ustulatus (1)LC Bird
523Lemon Emigrant 
Émigrant citron link link
Catopsilia pomona (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
Cattleya link link
Cattleya sp. (1)n/a Flower
525Guinea PigHausmeerschweinchen
Cochon d'Inde link link
Cavia porcellus (1)N/A Mammal
526Ecuadorian White-fronted CapuchinEcuador-Kapuzineraffe
Cebus link link
Cebus aequatorialis (1)CR Mammal
527Humboldt's White-fronted CapuchinWeißstirn-Kapuzineraffe
Capucin à front blanc link link
Cebus albifrons (2)LC Mammal
528Colombian White-faced CapuchinWeißschulter-Kapuzineraffe
Sapajou capucin link link
Cebus capucinus (1)VU Mammal
529Central American White-faced CapuchinPanama-Kapuzineraffe
Cebus link link
Cebus imitator (7)N/A Mammal
530Striped Green Hawkmoth 
Cechenena lineosa link link
Cechenena lineosa (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
Cecropia link link
Cecropia palmata (1)N/A Tree
532Trumpet TreeAmeisenbäume
Coulequin link link
Cecropia peltata (1)N/A Tree
533Lesser Striped Swallow 
Hirondelle striée link link
Cecropis abyssinica (4)LC Bird
534Spanish CedarWestindische Zedrele
Acajou amer link link
Cedrela odorata (1)VU Tree
535Atlas CedarAtlas-Zeder
Cèdre de l'Atlas link link
Cedrus atlantica (2)EN Tree
536Floss Silk TreeCeiba
Ceiba link link
Ceiba chodatii (3)N/A Tree
537Kapok TreeKapokbaum
Arbre à kapok link link
Ceiba pentandra (8)LC Tree
Ceiba link link
Ceiba sp. (3)n/a Tree
539Cream-colored WoodpeckerStrohspecht
Pic jaune link link
Celeus flavus (2)LC Bird
540Halloween PennantCelithemis
Célithème géante link link
Celithemis eponina (3)N/A Dragonfly/Damselfly
541Purple KnapweedFlockenblumen
Centaurea link link
Centaurea pullata (1)N/A Flower
Centaurea link link
Centaurea sp. (1)n/a Flower
543Red ValerianRote Spornblume
Centranthe rouge link link
Centranthus ruber (1)N/A Flower
544Centropogon congestus 
Centropogon link link
Centropogon congestus (1)N/A Flower
545Centropogon granulosus 
Centropogon link link
Centropogon granulosus (1)N/A Flower
546Pied CoucalWeißkopfkuckuck
Coucal atralbin link link
Centropus ateralbus (1)LC Bird
547Burchell's CoucalSpornkuckucke
Coucal de Burchell link link
Centropus burchellii (2)N/A Bird
548Black CoucalGrillkuckuck
Coucal noir link link
Centropus grillii (1)LC Bird
549Senegal CoucalSpornkuckuck
Coucal du Sénégal link link
Centropus senegalensis (2)LC Bird
550Greater CoucalHeckenkuckuck
Grand Coucal link link
Centropus sinensis (2)LC Bird
551White-browed CoucalWeißbrauenkuckuck
Coucal à sourcils blancs link link
Centropus superciliosus (3)LC Bird
552Horsfield's TarsierSunda-Koboldmaki
Tarsier de Bornéo link link
Cephalopachus bancanus (2)VU Mammal
553Bornean TarsierSunda-Koboldmaki
Tarsier de Bornéo link link
Cephalopachus bancanus borneanus (2)VU Mammal
554Natal Red DuikerRotducker
Céphalophe du Natal link link
Cephalophus natalensis (1)LC Mammal
555Common Gull 
Cepora nerissa link link
Cepora nerissa (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
556Black-casqued HornbillSchwarzhelm-Hornvogel
Calao à casque noir link link
Ceratogymna atrata (2)LC Bird
557Rhino-horned LizardHornagame
Ceratophora stoddartii link link
Ceratophora stoddartii (1)N/A Reptile
558Golden-headed Manakin 
Manakin à tête d'or link link
Ceratopipra erythrocephala (1)LC Bird
559Red-capped ManakinGelbhosenpipra
Manakin à cuisses jaunes link link
Ceratopipra mentalis (1)LC Bird
560White RhinocerosBreitmaulnashorn
Rhinocéros blanc link link
Ceratotherium simum (6)NT Mammal
561Southern White RhinocerosBreitmaulnashorn
Rhinocéros blanc link link
Ceratotherium simum simum (6)NT Mammal
562Grey MilkwoodCerbera
Faux manguier link link
Cerbera manghas (1)N/A Tree
563Red-tailed MonkeyRotschwanzmeerkatze
Cercopithèque ascagne link link
Cercopithecus ascanius (4)LC Mammal
564Schmidt's Red-tailed MonkeyRotschwanzmeerkatze
Cercopithèque ascagne link link
Cercopithecus ascanius schmidti (4)LC Mammal
565Moustached MonkeyBlaumaulmeerkatze
Moustac link link
Cercopithecus cephus (1)LC Mammal
566Lowe's MonkeyLowe-Meerkatze
Cercopithèque de Lowe link link
Cercopithecus lowei (3)VU Mammal
567Blue MonkeyDiademmeerkatze
Singe bleu link link
Cercopithecus mitis (2)LC Mammal
568Manyara MonkeyDiademmeerkatze
Singe bleu link link
Cercopithecus mitis manyaraensis (1)LC Mammal
569Moloney's Blue MonkeyDiademmeerkatze
Singe bleu link link
Cercopithecus mitis moloneyi (1)LC Mammal
570Putty-nosed MonkeyGroße Weißnasenmeerkatze
Cercopitèque hocheur link link
Cercopithecus nictitans (1)NT Mammal
571Miombo Scrub Robin 
Agrobate barbu link link
Cercotrichas barbata (1)LC Bird
572Kalahari Scrub Robin 
Agrobate du Kalahari link link
Cercotrichas paena (1)LC Bird
573Cape Barren GooseHühnergans
Céréopse cendré link link
Cereopsis novaehollandiae (1)LC Bird
574Coromandel Marsh Dart 
Ceriagrion link link
Ceriagrion coromandelianum (1)LC Dragonfly/Damselfly
575Brown CreeperAndenbaumläufer
Grimpereau brun link link
Certhia americana (1)LC Bird
576Yellow-chinned Spinetail 
Synallaxe à gorge jaune link link
Certhiaxis cinnamomeus (1)LC Bird
Wapiti link link
Cervus canadensis (1)LC Mammal
578American ElkWapiti
Wapiti link link
Cervus canadensis canadensis (1)LC Mammal
579Pied KingfisherGraufischer
Martin-pêcheur pie link link
Ceryle rudis (19)LC Bird
580Asian Pied KingfisherGraufischer
Martin-pêcheur pie link link
Ceryle rudis leucomelanurus (1)LC Bird
581African Pied KingfisherGraufischer
Martin-pêcheur pie link link
Ceryle rudis rudis (18)LC Bird
582Oriental Dwarf KingfisherDschungelzwergfischer
Martin-pêcheur pourpré link link
Ceyx erithaca (1)LC Bird
583Rufous-backed Dwarf KingfisherDschungelzwergfischer
Martin-pêcheur pourpré link link
Ceyx rufidorsa (1)LC Bird
584Rufous-backed Dwarf Kingfisher ssp. motleyiDschungelzwergfischer
Martin-pêcheur pourpré link link
Ceyx rufidorsa motleyi (1)LC Bird
585Wrinkle-lipped Free-tailed BatFreischwanzfledermäuse
Phyllanthes link link
Chaerephon plicatus (1)LC Mammal
586Chocolate ButterflyfishChaetodon
Chaetodon blackburnii link link
Chaetodon blackburnii (1)LC Fish
587Four-eyed ButterflyfishVieraugen-Falterfisch
Poisson-papillon à quatre yeux link link
Chaetodon capistratus (1)LC Fish
588Black-backed ButterflyfishChaetodon
Poisson-papillon à dos noir link link
Chaetodon melannotus (1)LC Fish
589Banded ButterflyfishGestreifter Falterfisch
Poisson-papillon à bandes noires link link
Chaetodon striatus (2)LC Fish
590Three-eyed LizardMadagaskar-Sandleguan
Chalarodon madagascariensis link link
Chalarodon madagascariensis (1)N/A Reptile
591Hunter's Sunbird 
Chalcomitra link link
Chalcomitra hunteri (4)LC Bird
592Asian Emerald DoveGraukappen-Glanztaube
Colombine turvert link link
Chalcophaps indica (1)LC Bird
593Sri Lanka Emerald DoveGraukappen-Glanztaube
Colombine turvert link link
Chalcophaps indica robinsoni (1)LC Bird
594Stephan's Emerald DoveBraunrücken-Grünflügeltaube
Colombine d'Étienne link link
Chalcophaps stephani (1)LC Bird
595Atlas BeetleAtlaskäfer
Scarabée-atlas link link
Chalcosoma atlas (2)N/A Insect
596Atlas Beetle ssp. keybohAtlaskäfer
Scarabée-atlas link link
Chalcosoma atlas keyboh (2)N/A Insect
597Sensitive Pea 
Chamaecrista link link
Chamaecrista sp. (1)n/a Flower
598Pacaya PalmBergpalmen
Palmier pacaya link link
Chamaedorea tepejilote (1)N/A Tree
599Potato-chip PalmBergpalmen
Chamaedorea link link
Chamaedorea tuerckheimii (1)N/A Tree
600Flap-necked ChameleonLappenchamäleon
Caméléon Bilobé link link
Chamaeleo dilepis (6)LC Reptile
601Kentish PloverSeeregenpfeifer
Pluvier à collier interrompu link link
Charadrius alexandrinus (1)LC Bird
602Hanuman PloverSeeregenpfeifer
Pluvier à collier interrompu link link
Charadrius alexandrinus seebohmi (1)LC Bird
603Puna PloverCharadrius
Pluvier de la puna link link
Charadrius alticola (1)LC Bird
604Collared PloverCharadrius
Pluvier de d'Azara link link
Charadrius collaris (2)LC Bird
605Little Ringed PloverFlussregenpfeifer
Petit Gravelot link link
Charadrius dubius (2)LC Bird
606Greater Sand PloverWüstenregenpfeifer
Pluvier de Leschenault link link
Charadrius leschenaultii (1)LC Bird
607White-fronted PloverWeißstirn-Regenpfeifer
Pluvier à front blanc link link
Charadrius marginatus (1)LC Bird
608Lesser Sand PloverMongolenregenpfeifer
Pluvier de Mongolie link link
Charadrius mongolus (1)LC Bird
609Chestnut-banded PloverFahlregenpfeifer
Pluvier élégant link link
Charadrius pallidus (1)NT Bird
610Kittlitz's PloverHirtenregenpfeifer
Pluvier pâtre link link
Charadrius pecuarius (2)LC Bird
611Semipalmated PloverAmerika-Sandregenpfeifer
Pluvier semipalmé link link
Charadrius semipalmatus (1)LC Bird
612Three-banded PloverDreibandregenpfeifer
Pluvier à triple collier link link
Charadrius tricollaris (1)LC Bird
613African Three-banded PloverDreibandregenpfeifer
Pluvier à triple collier link link
Charadrius tricollaris tricollaris (1)LC Bird
Pluvier kildir link link
Charadrius vociferus (3)LC Bird
615Wilson's PloverWilson-Regenpfeifer
Pluvier de Wilson link link
Charadrius wilsonia (1)LC Bird
616Red-flanked LorikeetZierloris
Lori coquet link link
Charmosyna placentis (1)LC Bird
617Southern ScreamerHalsband-Wehrvogel
Kamichi à collier link link
Chauna torquata (1)LC Bird
618Jones' Scorpion 
Cheloctonus jonesii link link
Cheloctonus jonesii (1)N/A Arachnid
619Green Sea TurtleGrüne Meeresschildkröte
Tortue verte link link
Chelonia mydas (5)EN Reptile
620Red-footed TortoiseKöhlerschildkröte
Tortue charbonnière à pattes rouges link link
Chelonoidis carbonarius (2)N/A Reptile
621Santa Cruz Giant Tortoise 
Chelonoidis porteri link link
Chelonoidis porteri (3)CR Reptile
622Whiskered TernWeißbart-Seeschwalbe
Guifette moustac link link
Chlidonias hybrida (5)LC Bird
623White-winged TernWeißflügelseeschwalbe
Guifette leucoptère link link
Chlidonias leucopterus (5)LC Bird
624GrivetÄthiopische Grünmeerkatze
Grivet link link
Chlorocebus aethiops (3)LC Mammal
625Vervet MonkeySüdliche Grünmeerkatze
Vervet bleu link link
Chlorocebus pygerythrus (20)LC Mammal
626Hilgert's Vervet MonkeySüdliche Grünmeerkatze
Vervet bleu link link
Chlorocebus pygerythrus hilgerti (10)LC Mammal
627Southern Vervet MonkeySüdliche Grünmeerkatze
Vervet bleu link link
Chlorocebus pygerythrus pygerythrus (6)LC Mammal
628Tantalus MonkeyTantalus-Grünmeerkatze
Singes verts link link
Chlorocebus tantalus (1)LC Mammal
629Amazon KingfisherAmazonasfischer
Martin-pêcheur d'Amazonie link link
Chloroceryle amazona (4)LC Bird
630Green KingfisherGrünfischer
Martin-pêcheur vert link link
Chloroceryle americana (5)LC Bird
631Green-and-rufous KingfisherZweifarbenfischer
Martin-pêcheur bicolore link link
Chloroceryle inda (1)LC Bird
632Yellow-bellied GreenbulGelbbauchbülbül
Bulbul à poitrine jaune link link
Chlorocichla flaviventris (1)LC Bird
633Yellow-bellied Greenbul ssp. occidentalisGelbbauchbülbül
Bulbul à poitrine jaune link link
Chlorocichla flaviventris occidentalis (1)LC Bird
634Green Honeycreeper 
Tangara émeraude link link
Chlorophanes spiza (2)LC Bird
635Orange-breasted Bushshrike 
Gladiateur soufré link link
Chlorophoneus sulfureopectus (1)LC Bird
636Greater Green LeafbirdDickschnabel-Blattvogel
Verdins link link
Chloropsis sonnerati (1)EN Bird
637Sooty-capped Bush Tanager 
Chlorospin à sourcils brisés link link
Chlorospingus pileatus (1)LC Bird
638Canivet's EmeraldGabelschwanz-Smaragdkolibri
Émeraude de Canivet link link
Chlorostilbon canivetii (1)LC Bird
639Red-billed EmeraldGibsonsmaragdkolibri
Émeraude de Gibson link link
Chlorostilbon gibsoni (1)LC Bird
640Cuban EmeraldKubasmaragdkolibri
Émeraude de Ricord link link
Chlorostilbon ricordii (2)LC Bird
641Crimson PatchChlosyne janais
Chlosyne janais link link
Chlosyne janais (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
642Linnaeus's Two-toed SlothEigentliches Zweifingerfaultier
Paresseux à deux doigts link link
Choloepus didactylus (3)LC Mammal
643Hoffman's Two-toed SlothHoffmann-Zweifingerfaultier
Unau d'Hoffmann link link
Choloepus hoffmanni (3)LC Mammal
644Lesser NighthawkTexasnachtschwalbe
Engoulevent minime link link
Chordeiles acutipennis (1)LC Bird
645Sand-colored NighthawkFlussnachtschwalbe
Engoulevent sable link link
Chordeiles rupestris (6)LC Bird
646Brown-headed GullBraunkopfmöwe
Mouette du Tibet link link
Chroicocephalus brunnicephalus (1)LC Bird
647Grey-headed GullGraukopfmöwe
Mouette à tête grise link link
Chroicocephalus cirrocephalus (8)LC Bird
648Black-headed GullLachmöwe
Mouette rieuse link link
Chroicocephalus ridibundus (8)LC Bird
649Andean GullAndenmöwe
Mouette des Andes link link
Chroicocephalus serranus (4)LC Bird
650Diederik CuckooGoldkuckuck
Coucou didric link link
Chrysococcyx caprius (1)LC Bird
651Greater FlamebackChrysocolaptes
Pic de Tickell link link
Chrysocolaptes guttacristatus (2)LC Bird
652Sunset Bells 
Chrysothemis pulchella link link
Chrysothemis pulchella (1)N/A Flower
653Flower of the Andes 
Chuquiraga link link
Chuquiraga jussieui (3)N/A Flower
Cigale link link
Cicadidae gen. (1)n/a Insect
655Collared Palm Thrush 
Cichladusa link link
Cichladusa arquata (2)LC Bird
656Spotted Morning Thrush 
Cichladusa link link
Cichladusa guttata (1)LC Bird
657Golden-spotted Tiger BeetleCicindela
Cicindela link link
Cicindela aurulenta (1)N/A Insect
658Tiger BeetleCicindela
Cicindela link link
Cicindela lacrymans (1)N/A Insect
659Magnificent Bird-of-paradiseSichelschwanz-Paradiesvogel
Paradisier magnifique link link
Cicinnurus magnificus (1)LC Bird
660Abdim's StorkAbdimstorch
Cigogne d'Abdim link link
Ciconia abdimii (5)LC Bird
661White StorkWeißstorch
Cigogne blanche link link
Ciconia ciconia (17)LC Bird
662Woolly-necked StorkWollhalsstorch
Cigogne épiscopale link link
Ciconia episcopus (6)NT Bird
663Asian Woolly-necked StorkWollhalsstorch
Cigogne épiscopale link link
Ciconia episcopus episcopus (2)NT Bird
664African Woolly-necked StorkWollhalsstorch
Cigogne épiscopale link link
Ciconia episcopus microscelis (4)NT Bird
665Maguari StorkMaguaristorch
Cigogne maguari link link
Ciconia maguari (3)LC Bird
666Black StorkSchwarzstorch
Cigogne noire link link
Ciconia nigra (4)LC Bird
Acrididae link link
Cingalia dubia (1)N/A Insect
668Greater Double-collared Sunbird 
Souimanga à plastron rouge link link
Cinnyris afer (1)LC Bird
669Copper Sunbird 
Souimanga cuivré link link
Cinnyris cupreus (2)LC Bird
670Red-chested Sunbird 
Souimanga à ceinture rouge link link
Cinnyris erythrocercus (1)LC Bird
671Dusky Sunbird 
Souimanga fuligineux link link
Cinnyris fuscus (2)LC Bird
672Tiny Sunbird 
Souimanga minule link link
Cinnyris minullus (2)LC Bird
673Beautiful Sunbird 
Souimanga à longue queue link link
Cinnyris pulchellus (2)LC Bird
674Regal Sunbird 
Souimanga royal link link
Cinnyris regius (2)LC Bird
675Northern Double-collared Sunbird 
Souimanga de Preuss link link
Cinnyris reichenowi (1)LC Bird
676Souimanga Sunbird 
Cinnyris link link
Cinnyris sovimanga (1)LC Bird
677Brown Snake EagleEinfarb-Schlangenadler
Circaète brun link link
Circaetus cinereus (1)LC Bird
678Black-chested Snake EagleSchwarzbrust-Schlangenadler
Circaète à poitrine noire link link
Circaetus pectoralis (1)LC Bird
679Western Marsh HarrierRohrweihe
Busard des roseaux link link
Circus aeruginosus (3)LC Bird
680Northern HarrierHudsonweihe
Busard des marais link link
Circus hudsonius (1)LC Bird
681Montagu's HarrierWiesenweihe
Busard cendré link link
Circus pygargus (2)LC Bird
682African Marsh HarrierFroschweihe
Busard grenouillard link link
Circus ranivorus (1)LC Bird
683Giant Hawkfish 
Cirrhitus link link
Cirrhitus rivulatus (1)LC Fish
684New Mexico ThistleKratzdisteln
Cirse link link
Cirsium neomexicanum (1)N/A Flower
685Marsh ThistleSumpf-Kratzdistel
Cirse des marais link link
Cirsium palustre (1)N/A Flower
686Rattling Cisticola 
Cisticola link link
Cisticola chiniana (1)LC Bird
Cisticola link link
Cisticola sp. (3)n/a Bird
688Blushing Phantom 
Cithaerias link link
Cithaerias pireta (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
689Royal Walnut MothCitheronia
Citheronia link link
Citheronia volcan (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
690Jacobin CuckooJakobinerkuckuck
Coucou jacobin link link
Clamator jacobinus (1)LC Bird
691Indian Spotted Eagle 
Aigle lancéolé link link
Clanga hastata (1)VU Bird
692Bolo Bolo 
Clappertonia link link
Clappertonia ficifolia (1)N/A Flower
693Blue Ground DoveBlautäubchen
Colombe bleutée link link
Claravis pretiosa (1)LC Bird
694Sri Lankan Walking CatfishRaubwelse
Clarias link link
Clarias brachysoma (1)NT Fish
695Pagoda FlowerLosbäume
Clerodendrum paniculatum link link
Clerodendrum paniculatum (1)N/A Flower
696Starburst BushLosbäume
Clerodendrum quadriloculare link link
Clerodendrum quadriloculare (1)N/A Flower
697Bleeding Glory BowerLosbäume
Clérodendron grimpant link link
Clerodendrum thomsoniae (2)N/A Flower
Clusia link link
Clusia grandiflora (3)N/A Other plant
699Honduran Rainbow WhiptailRennechsen
Cnemidophorus ruatanus link link
Cnemidophorus ruatanus (1)N/A Reptile
700Whiptail LizardRennechsen
Cnemidophorus link link
Cnemidophorus sp. (1)n/a Reptile
701Seven-spot LadybirdSiebenpunkt-Marienkäfer
Coccinelle à sept points link link
Coccinella septempunctata (1)N/A Insect
702Ivy GourdTindola
Tindola ou courge écarlate link link
Coccinia grandis (1)N/A Flower
703Great Lizard CuckooCoccyzus
Tacco de Cuba link link
Coccyzus merlini (2)LC Bird
704Mangrove CuckooMangrovenkuckuck
Coulicou manioc link link
Coccyzus minor (1)LC Bird
705Boat-billed HeronKahnschnabel
Savacou huppé link link
Cochlearius cochlearius (2)LC Bird
706Coconut PalmKokospalme
Cocotier link link
Cocos nucifera (12)N/A Tree
707Caribbean Hermit Crab 
Pinceur violet link link
Coenobita clypeatus (1)N/A Crab/Lobster
708Fringed Star Orchid link link
Coilostylis ciliaris (1)N/A Flower
709Campo FlickerFeldspecht
Pic champêtre link link
Colaptes campestris (1)LC Bird
710Campo Flicker ssp. campestrisFeldspecht
Pic champêtre link link
Colaptes campestris campestris (1)LC Bird
711Gilded FlickerWüstengoldspecht
Pic chrysoïde link link
Colaptes chrysoides (1)LC Bird
712Spot-breasted WoodpeckerTüpfelbrustspecht
Pic de Cayenne link link
Colaptes punctigula (1)LC Bird
713Golden-olive WoodpeckerGoldspechte
Pic or-olive link link
Colaptes rubiginosus (1)LC Bird
714Autumn CrocusHerbstzeitlose
Colchique d'automne link link
Colchicum autumnale (1)LC Flower
715African Sheath-tailed BatAfrik. Schiebeschwanz-Fledermaus
Emballonure d’Afrique link link
Coleura afra (1)LC Mammal
716Lesser VioletearZwergveilchenohrkolibri
Colibri link link
Colibri cyanotus (2)N/A Bird
717Speckled MousebirdBraunflügel-Mausvogel
Coliou rayé link link
Colius striatus (4)LC Bird
718Plume-toed SwiftletCollocalia
Collocalia affinis link link
Collocalia affinis (1)N/A Bird
719Dirce BeautyColobura dirce
Colobura dirce link link
Colobura dirce (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
720Angola ColobusAngola-Stummelaffe
Guéréza d'Angola link link
Colobus angolensis (3)VU Mammal
721Ruwenzori Black-and-white ColobusAngola-Stummelaffe
Guéréza d'Angola link link
Colobus angolensis ruwenzori (3)VU Mammal
722Mantled GuerezaMantelaffe
Colobe guéréza link link
Colobus guereza (5)LC Mammal
723Djaffa Mountains GuerezaMantelaffe
Colobe guéréza link link
Colobus guereza gallarum (1)LC Mammal
724Western GuerezaMantelaffe
Colobe guéréza link link
Colobus guereza occidentalis (4)LC Mammal
725White-thighed ColobusGeoffroy-Stummelaffe
Colobe magistrat link link
Colobus vellerosus (2)CR Mammal
726Eurasian JackdawDohle
Choucas des tours link link
Coloeus monedula (2)LC Bird
Mopane link link
Colophospermum mopane (1)N/A Tree
728Desert Orange Tip 
Piéride du câprier link link
Colotis evagore (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
729Small Orange Tip 
Piéride du câprier link link
Colotis evagore antigone (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
730Madagascar Red-tip 
Colotis link link
Colotis guenei (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
731Speckled PigeonGuineataube
Pigeon roussard link link
Columba guinea (4)LC Bird
732Common Wood PigeonRingeltaube
Pigeon ramier link link
Columba palumbus (2)LC Bird
733Inca DoveInkatäubchen
Colombe inca link link
Columbina inca (1)LC Bird
734Plain-breasted Ground DoveZwergtäubchen
Colombe pygmée link link
Columbina minuta (1)LC Bird
735Common Ground DoveSperlingstäubchen
Colombe à queue noire link link
Columbina passerina (2)LC Bird
736Cuban Ground DoveSperlingstäubchen
Colombe à queue noire link link
Columbina passerina insularis (1)LC Bird
737Picui Ground DovePicuitäubchen
Colombe picui link link
Columbina picui (3)LC Bird
738Scaled DoveSchuppentäubchen
Colombe écaillée link link
Columbina squammata (1)LC Bird
739Ruddy Ground DoveRosttäubchen
Colombe rousse link link
Columbina talpacoti (4)LC Bird
740Columnea sulfurea 
Columnea link link
Columnea sulfurea (1)N/A Flower
741River BushwillowLangfäden
Combretum link link
Combretum erythrophyllum (1)N/A Tree
Combretum imberbe link link
Combretum imberbe (1)N/A Tree
743Little Baikal OilfishBaikal-Ölfisch
Coméphore link link
Comephorus dybowskii (1)N/A Fish
744White Mouth DayflowerTagblumen
Commelina link link
Commelina erecta (1)N/A Flower
745Common WildebeestStreifengnu
Gnou bleu link link
Connochaetes taurinus (22)LC Mammal
746Western White-bearded WildebeestStreifengnu
Gnou bleu link link
Connochaetes taurinus mearnsi (12)LC Mammal
747Blue WildebeestStreifengnu
Gnou bleu link link
Connochaetes taurinus taurinus (10)LC Mammal
748Galápagos Land IguanaDrusenkopf
Iguane terrestre des Galapagos link link
Conolophus subcristatus (3)VU Reptile
749Tiger Leafwing 
Consul fabius link link
Consul fabius (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
750Cuban Pewee 
Moucherolle tête-fou link link
Contopus caribaeus (1)LC Bird
751Tropical Pewee 
Moucherolle cendré link link
Contopus cinereus (1)LC Bird
752Greater Pewee 
Moucherolle de Coues link link
Contopus pertinax (1)LC Bird
753Western Wood PeweeWestlicher Waldtyrann
Pioui de l'Ouest link link
Contopus sordidulus (1)LC Bird
754Eastern Wood Pewee 
Pioui de l'Est link link
Contopus virens (2)LC Bird
755Field BindweedAcker-Winde
Liseron des champs link link
Convolvulus arvensis (1)N/A Flower
756Monkeys CupCookeina
Cookeina link link
Cookeina sp. (1)n/a Fungus
757Caranday Wax PalmCopernicia
Caranday link link
Copernicia alba (2)N/A Tree
758Katydid link link
Copiphora hastata (1)N/A Insect
759Shaggy ManeSchopf-Tintling
Coprin chevelu link link
Coprinus comatus (1)LC Fungus
760Indian Robin 
Pseudotraquet indien link link
Copsychus fulicatus (1)LC Bird
761White-rumped Shama 
Shama à croupion blanc link link
Copsychus malabaricus (1)LC Bird
762Oriental Magpie-robinDajaldrossel
Shama dayal link link
Copsychus saularis (3)LC Bird
763Abyssinian RollerSenegalracke
Rollier d'Abyssinie link link
Coracias abyssinicus (7)LC Bird
764Indochinese Roller 
Rollier link link
Coracias affinis (1)LC Bird
765Indian RollerHinduracke
Rollier indien link link
Coracias benghalensis (2)LC Bird
766Lilac-breasted RollerGabelracke
Rollier à longs brins link link
Coracias caudatus (12)LC Bird
767Lilac-breasted Roller ssp. caudatusGabelracke
Rollier à longs brins link link
Coracias caudatus caudatus (10)LC Bird
768Lilac-throated RollerGabelracke
Rollier à longs brins link link
Coracias caudatus lorti (2)LC Bird
769Blue-bellied RollerOpalracke
Rollier à ventre bleu link link
Coracias cyanogaster (1)LC Bird
770European RollerBlauracke
Rollier d'Europe link link
Coracias garrulus (1)LC Bird
771Rufous-crowned RollerStrichelracke
Rollier varié link link
Coracias naevius (1)LC Bird
772Typical Roller 
Rollier link link
Coracias sp. (1)n/a Bird
773Black VultureRabengeier
Urubu noir link link
Coragyps atratus (19)LC Bird
774Yellow GeigerKordien
Cordia link link
Cordia lutea (1)N/A Flower
775Twig WilterRandwanzen
Coreidae link link
Coreidae gen. (1)n/a Insect
776Yellow-billed ShrikeGelbschnabelwürger
Corvinelle à bec jaune link link
Corvinella corvina (1)LC Bird
777White-necked RavenGeierrabe
Corbeau à nuque blanche link link
Corvus albicollis (3)LC Bird
778Pied CrowSchildrabe
Corbeau pie link link
Corvus albus (5)LC Bird
779American CrowAmerikanerkrähe
Corneille d'Amérique link link
Corvus brachyrhynchos (2)LC Bird
780Cape CrowRaben und Krähen
Corneille du Cap link link
Corvus capensis (1)LC Bird
781Common RavenKolkrabe
Grand Corbeau link link
Corvus corax (3)LC Bird
782Hooded CrowNebelkrähe
Corneille mantelée link link
Corvus cornix (1)N/A Bird
783Carrion CrowRabenkrähe
Corneille noire link link
Corvus corone (3)LC Bird
784Thick-billed RavenErzrabe
Corbeau corbivau link link
Corvus crassirostris (2)LC Bird
785Slender-billed CrowRaben und Krähen
Corneille à bec fin link link
Corvus enca (1)LC Bird
Corbeau freux link link
Corvus frugilegus (1)LC Bird
787Eastern Jungle CrowRaben und Krähen
Corbeau de Levaillant link link
Corvus levaillantii (1)N/A Bird
788Large-billed CrowDickschnabelkrähe
Corbeau à gros bec link link
Corvus macrorhynchos (2)LC Bird
789Fan-tailed RavenBorstenrabe
Corbeau à queue courte link link
Corvus rhipidurus (1)LC Bird
790House CrowGlanzkrähe
Corbeau familier link link
Corvus splendens (4)LC Bird
791FumewortGefingerter Lerchensporn
Corydale à bulbe plein link link
Corydalis solida (1)N/A Flower
792Dusky Broadbill 
Eurylaime corydon link link
Corydon sumatranus (1)LC Bird
793Great Blue TuracoRiesenturako
Touraco géant link link
Corythaeola cristata (2)LC Bird
794Grey Go-away BirdGrauer Lärmvogel
Touraco concolore link link
Corythaixoides concolor (5)LC Bird
795Kalahari Go-away BirdGrauer Lärmvogel
Touraco concolore link link
Corythaixoides concolor bechuanae (1)LC Bird
796Paleface Go-away BirdGrauer Lärmvogel
Touraco concolore link link
Corythaixoides concolor pallidiceps (1)LC Bird
797Bare-faced Go-away BirdNacktkehl-Lärmvogel
Touraco masqué link link
Corythaixoides personatus (1)LC Bird
798Malachite KingfisherHaubenzwergfischer
Martin-pêcheur huppé link link
Corythornis cristatus (7)LC Bird
799Southern Malachite KingfisherHaubenzwergfischer
Martin-pêcheur huppé link link
Corythornis cristatus cristatus (2)LC Bird
800Malachite Kingfisher ssp. galeritusHaubenzwergfischer
Martin-pêcheur huppé link link
Corythornis cristatus galeritus (1)LC Bird
801Malachite Kingfisher ssp. robertsiHaubenzwergfischer
Martin-pêcheur huppé link link
Corythornis cristatus robertsi (2)LC Bird
802Malachite Kingfisher ssp. stuartkeithiHaubenzwergfischer
Martin-pêcheur huppé link link
Corythornis cristatus stuartkeithi (1)LC Bird
803Malagasy KingfisherMadagaskarzwergfischer
Martin-pêcheur vintsi link link
Corythornis vintsioides (1)LC Bird
804Coscoroba SwanCoscorobaschwan
Coscoroba blanc link link
Coscoroba coscoroba (2)LC Bird
805White-browed Robin-chat 
Cossyphe de Heuglin link link
Cossypha heuglini (2)LC Bird
806Spiral GingerCostus
Costus barbatus link link
Costus barbatus (1)CR Flower
807Spiked Spiral-flagCostus
Costus spicatus link link
Costus spicatus (2)N/A Flower
808Scarlet Spiral GingerCostus
Costus link link
Costus woodsonii (1)N/A Flower
809Crested CouaSpitzschopf-Seidenkuckuck
Coua huppé link link
Coua cristata (1)LC Bird
810Giant CouaRiesen-Seidenkuckuck
Coua géant link link
Coua gigas (1)LC Bird
811Cannonball TreeKanonenkugelbaum
Boulet de canon link link
Couroupita guianensis (1)LC Tree
812Black-backed ButcherbirdSchwarzrücken-Krähenwürger
Cassican à dos noir link link
Cracticus mentalis (1)LC Bird
813Crassocephalum vitellinum 
Crassocephalum link link
Crassocephalum vitellinum (1)N/A Flower
814Isla Bonita Robber Frog 
Craugastor crassidigitus link link
Craugastor crassidigitus (1)LC Amphibian
815Fitzinger's Robber Frog 
Craugastor fitzingeri link link
Craugastor fitzingeri (1)LC Amphibian
816Northern Rainfrog 
Craugastor link link
Craugastor sp. (1)n/a Amphibian
817Black Curassow 
Hocco alector link link
Crax alector (1)VU Bird
818Bare-faced Curassow 
Hocco à face nue link link
Crax fasciolata (1)VU Bird
819Great CurassowTuberkelhokko
Grand Hocco link link
Crax rubra (1)VU Bird
820Swallow-tailed GullGabelschwanzmöwe
Mouette à queue fourchue link link
Creagrus furcatus (2)LC Bird
821Creoxylus link link
Creoxylus sp. (1)n/a Insect
822Calabash TreeKalebassenbaum
Calebassier link link
Crescentia cujete (2)N/A Tree
823Brown Bowl Sponge link link
Cribrochalina vasculum (1)N/A Invertebrate
824Western Plantain-eater 
Touraco gris link link
Crinifer piscator (1)LC Bird
825Eastern Plantain-eater 
Touraco à queue barrée link link
Crinifer zonurus (2)LC Bird
826Giant Spider LilyHakenlilien
Crinum link link
Crinum amabile (2)N/A Flower
827Spider LilyHakenlilien
Lys araignée link link
Crinum asiaticum (2)N/A Flower
828Morelet's CrocodileBeulenkrokodil
Crocodile de Morelet link link
Crocodylus moreletii (4)LC Reptile
829Nile CrocodileNilkrokodil
Crocodile du Nil link link
Crocodylus niloticus (24)LC Reptile
830East African CrocodileNilkrokodil
Crocodile du Nil link link
Crocodylus niloticus africanus (4)LC Reptile
831Southern African CrocodileNilkrokodil
Crocodile du Nil link link
Crocodylus niloticus cowiei (14)LC Reptile
832Malagasi CrocodileNilkrokodil
Crocodile du Nil link link
Crocodylus niloticus madagascariensis (2)LC Reptile
833North African CrocodileNilkrokodil
Crocodile du Nil link link
Crocodylus niloticus niloticus (4)LC Reptile
834Mugger CrocodileSumpfkrokodil
Crocodile des marais link link
Crocodylus palustris (3)VU Reptile
835Saltwater CrocodileLeistenkrokodil
Crocodile marin link link
Crocodylus porosus (2)LC Reptile
836Cuban CrocodileKubakrokodil
Crocodile de Cuba link link
Crocodylus rhombifer (1)CR Reptile
837West African CrocodileWestafrikanisches Krokodil
Crocodile d'Afrique de l'ouest link link
Crocodylus suchus (9)N/A Reptile
838Falling StarsGold-Montbretie
Crocosmia link link
Crocosmia aurea (1)N/A Flower
839Broad ScarletFeuerlibelle
Libellule écarlate link link
Crocothemis erythraea (2)LC Dragonfly/Damselfly
840Scarlet SkimmerCrocothemis
Crocothemis link link
Crocothemis servilia (2)LC Dragonfly/Damselfly
841Spotted HyenaTüpfelhyäne
Hyène tachetée link link
Crocuta crocuta (18)LC Mammal
842Showy RattleboxCrotalaria
Crotalaria spectabilis link link
Crotalaria spectabilis (2)N/A Flower
843Western Diamond-backed RattlesnakeTexas-Klapperschlange
Crotale diamantin de l'Ouest link link
Crotalus atrox (1)LC Reptile
844Yucatán Neotropical RattlesnakeKlapperschlangen
Crotalus tzabcan link link
Crotalus tzabcan (2)N/A Reptile
845Fever BerryCroton
Croton sylvaticus link link
Croton sylvaticus (1)N/A Tree
846Smooth-billed AniGlattschnabelani
Ani à bec lisse link link
Crotophaga ani (4)LC Bird
847Greater AniRiesenani
Ani des palétuviers link link
Crotophaga major (3)LC Bird
848Groove-billed AniRiefenschnabelani
Ani à bec cannelé link link
Crotophaga sulcirostris (2)LC Bird
849Give-and-take PalmCryosophila stauracantha
Cryosophila stauracantha link link
Cryosophila stauracantha (1)N/A Tree
850Dusky CrimsonwingJacksons Bergastrild
Sénégali de Jackson link link
Cryptospiza jacksoni (1)LC Bird
851Madagascar Rubbervine link link
Cryptostegia madagascariensis (2)N/A Flower
852Mexican Spiny-tailed IguanaSchwarzleguane
Ctenosaura pectinata link link
Ctenosaura pectinata (1)LC Reptile
853Black Spiny-tailed IguanaGemeiner Schwarzleguan
Iguane à queue épineuse noire link link
Ctenosaura similis (5)LC Reptile
854Tropical Wolf Spider 
Ctenus link link
Ctenus sp. (1)n/a Arachnid
855African CuckooAfrikanerkuckuck
Coucou africain link link
Cuculus gularis (1)LC Bird
856Red-chested CuckooEinsiedlerkuckuck
Coucou solitaire link link
Cuculus solitarius (1)LC Bird
857Cigar FlowerKöcherblümchen
Cuphea ignea link link
Cuphea ignea (1)N/A Flower
858Spot-legged Banana SpiderCupiennius getazi
Cupiennius getazi link link
Cupiennius getazi (1)N/A Arachnid
859Banana SpiderCupiennius
Cupiennius link link
Cupiennius sp. (1)n/a Arachnid
860Temminck's CourserTemminckrennvogel
Courvite de Temminck link link
Cursorius temminckii (1)LC Bird
861Red-legged HoneycreeperTürkisnaschvogel
Guit-guit saï link link
Cyanerpes cyaneus (2)LC Bird
862Blue-winged GooseBlauflügelgans
Ouette à ailes bleues link link
Cyanochen cyanoptera (1)VU Bird
863Steller's JayDiademhäher
Geai de Steller link link
Cyanocitta stelleri (1)LC Bird
864Plush-crested JayKappenblaurabe
Geai acahé link link
Cyanocorax chrysops (3)LC Bird
865Green JayGrünhäher
Geai vert link link
Cyanocorax yncas (2)LC Bird
866Northern Green JayGrünhäher
Geai vert link link
Cyanocorax yncas luxuosus (1)LC Bird
867Inca JayGrünhäher
Geai vert link link
Cyanocorax yncas yncas (1)LC Bird
868Olive Sunbird 
Souimanga olivâtre link link
Cyanomitra olivacea (1)LC Bird
869Tree FernBecherfarne
Cyathea link link
Cyathea sp. (1)n/a Other plant
Cycas link link
Cycas sp. (2)n/a Other plant
871White Ink Flower link link
Cycnium adonense (1)N/A Flower
872Whooper SwanSingschwan
Cygne chanteur link link
Cygnus cygnus (4)LC Bird
873Mute SwanHöckerschwan
Cygne tuberculé link link
Cygnus olor (2)LC Bird
874Buckhorn ChollaCylindropuntia acanthocarpa
Cylindropuntia link link
Cylindropuntia acanthocarpa (6)N/A Other plant
875Teddybear ChollaCylindropuntia bigelovii
Cylindropuntia link link
Cylindropuntia bigelovii (3)N/A Other plant
876Jumping ChollaCylindropuntia fulgida
Cylindropuntia fulgida link link
Cylindropuntia fulgida (2)N/A Other plant
877Wrinkled-pod MangroveCynometra
Cynometra link link
Cynometra iripa (1)N/A Tree
878PapyrusEchter Papyrus
Papyrus link link
Cyperus papyrus (5)N/A Other plant
879Laughing KookaburraJägerliest
Martin-chasseur géant link link
Dacelo novaeguineae (1)LC Bird
880Blue DacnisBlaukopfpitpit
Dacnis bleu link link
Dacnis cayana (2)LC Bird
Sassabi link link
Damaliscus lunatus (4)LC Mammal
882Serengeti TopiLeierantilope
Topi link link
Damaliscus lunatus jimela (3)LC Mammal
883Common TsessebeLeierantilope
Sassabi link link
Damaliscus lunatus lunatus (1)LC Mammal
Blesbok link link
Damaliscus pygargus (3)LC Mammal
Blesbok link link
Damaliscus pygargus phillipsi (3)LC Mammal
886Plain TigerKleiner Monarch
Petit monarque link link
Danaus chrysippus (5)LC Butterfly/Moth
887Plain Tiger ssp. alcippusKleiner Monarch
Petit monarque link link
Danaus chrysippus alcippus (2)LC Butterfly/Moth
888Dorippus TigerKleiner Monarch
Petit monarque link link
Danaus chrysippus dorippus (2)LC Butterfly/Moth
889African MonarchKleiner Monarch
Petit monarque link link
Danaus chrysippus orientis (1)LC Butterfly/Moth
890QueenDanaus gilippus
Papillon Reine link link
Danaus gilippus (2)LC Butterfly/Moth
891Monarch ButterflyMonarchfalter
Monarque link link
Danaus plexippus (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
892North American MonarchMonarchfalter
Monarque link link
Danaus plexippus plexippus (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
893Black Caracara 
Caracara noir link link
Daptrius ater (1)LC Bird
894Threespot DascyllusDreifleck-Preußenfisch
Demoiselle à trois points link link
Dascyllus trimaculatus (1)N/A Fish
895Red-rumped AgoutiAgutis
Agouti doré link link
Dasyprocta leporina (3)LC Mammal
896Central American AgoutiAgutis
Agouti ponctué link link
Dasyprocta punctata (2)LC Mammal
897Seven-banded ArmadilloSiebenbinden-Gürteltier
Tatou à sept bandes link link
Dasypus septemcinctus (1)LC Mammal
898Sacred DaturaWrights Stechapfel
Datura wrightii link link
Datura wrightii (1)N/A Flower
899Giant MossDawsonia link link
Dawsonia longifolia (1)N/A Other plant
900Mackerel Scad 
Comète maquereau link link
Decapterus macarellus (1)LC Fish
901Redspot Jezebel 
Delias descombesi link link
Delias descombesi (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
902Common JezebelDelias eucharis
Delias eucharis link link
Delias eucharis (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
903Redbase Jezebel 
Delias link link
Delias pasithoe (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
904Flamboyant TreeFlammenbaum
Flamboyant link link
Delonix regia (10)LC Tree
905Tawny-winged Woodcreeper 
Grimpar à ailes rousses link link
Dendrocincla anabatina (1)LC Bird
906Plain-brown Woodcreeper 
Grimpar enfumé link link
Dendrocincla fuliginosa (1)LC Bird
907Rufous TreepieWanderbaumelster
Témia vagabonde link link
Dendrocitta vagabunda (2)LC Bird
908Northern Barred Woodcreeper 
Grimpar vermiculé link link
Dendrocolaptes sanctithomae (2)LC Bird
909Barred Woodcreeper 
Dendrocolaptes link link
Dendrocolaptes sp. (1)n/a Bird
910Fulvous-breasted WoodpeckerBuntspechte
Pic de Macé link link
Dendrocopos macei (1)LC Bird
911Yellow-crowned WoodpeckerBuntspechte
Pic mahratte link link
Dendrocopos mahrattensis (1)LC Bird
912Black-bellied Whistling DuckHerbstpfeifgans
Dendrocygne à ventre noir link link
Dendrocygna autumnalis (5)LC Bird
913Fulvous Whistling DuckGelbe Pfeifgans
Dendrocygne fauve link link
Dendrocygna bicolor (1)LC Bird
914Spotted Whistling DuckTüpfelpfeifgans
Dendrocygne tacheté link link
Dendrocygna guttata (1)LC Bird
915Lesser Whistling DuckZwergpfeifgans
Dendrocygne siffleur link link
Dendrocygna javanica (1)LC Bird
916White-faced Whistling DuckWitwenpfeifgans
Dendrocygne veuf link link
Dendrocygna viduata (17)LC Bird
917Doria's Tree KangarooDoria-Baumkänguru
Dendrolague de Doria link link
Dendrolagus dorianus (2)VU Marsupial
918Goodfellow's Tree KangarooGoodfellow-Baumkänguru
Dendrolague de Goodfellow link link
Dendrolagus goodfellowi (2)EN Marsupial
919Crested FrancolinSchopffrankolin
Francolin huppé link link
Dendroperdix sephaena (2)LC Bird
920Crested Francolin ssp. zambesiaeSchopffrankolin
Francolin huppé link link
Dendroperdix sephaena zambesiae (2)LC Bird
921Straight-billed Woodcreeper 
Grimpar talapiot link link
Dendroplex picus (2)LC Bird
922Yellow Tree Frog 
Dendropsophus microcephalus link link
Dendropsophus microcephalus (1)LC Amphibian
Dermaptères link link
Dermaptera fam. (1)n/a Insect
924Giant Dead Leaf Mantis link link
Deroplatys desiccata (1)N/A Insect
925Common Vampire BatGemeiner Vampir
Vampire commun link link
Desmodus rotundus (1)LC Mammal
926Long-spined Sea Urchin 
Oursin-diadème des Antilles link link
Diadema antillarum (1)N/A Invertebrate
927Cramer's Eighty-eightDiaethria clymena
Double 8 link link
Diaethria clymena (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
928Cerulean Flaxlily 
Dianella ensifolia link link
Dianella ensifolia (1)N/A Flower
929Common Tink Frog 
Diasporus diastema link link
Diasporus diastema (1)LC Amphibian
930Black RhinocerosSpitzmaulnashorn
Rhinocéros noir link link
Diceros bicornis (5)CR Mammal
931Eastern Black RhinocerosSpitzmaulnashorn
Rhinocéros noir link link
Diceros bicornis michaeli (1)CR Mammal
932South-western Black RhinocerosSpitzmaulnashorn
Rhinocéros noir link link
Diceros bicornis occidentalis (4)CR Mammal
933Blue Dick 
Dichelostemma link link
Dichelostemma capitatum (2)N/A Flower
934Few-flowered Bluedick 
Dichelostemma link link
Dichelostemma capitatum pauciflorum (2)N/A Flower
935Tree FernTaschenfarne
Dicksonia sellowiana link link
Dicksonia sellowiana (1)N/A Other plant
936Fork-tailed DrongoTrauerdrongo
Drongo brillant link link
Dicrurus adsimilis (6)LC Bird
937Clancey's Fork-tailed DrongoTrauerdrongo
Drongo brillant link link
Dicrurus adsimilis apivorus (2)LC Bird
938Eastern Fork-tailed DrongoTrauerdrongo
Drongo brillant link link
Dicrurus adsimilis fugax (2)LC Bird
939Spangled DrongoGlanzfleckdrongo
Drongo pailleté link link
Dicrurus bracteatus (1)LC Bird
940White-bellied DrongoGraubrustdrongo
Drongo à ventre blanc link link
Dicrurus caerulescens (1)LC Bird
941Wallacean DrongoDrongos
Dicrurus link link
Dicrurus densus (1)LC Bird
942Flores Wallacean DrongoDrongos
Dicrurus link link
Dicrurus densus bimaensis (1)LC Bird
943Crested DrongoGabeldrongo
Drongo malgache link link
Dicrurus forficatus (1)LC Bird
944Hair-crested DrongoHaarbuschdrongo
Drongo à crinière link link
Dicrurus hottentottus (1)LC Bird
945Ashy DrongoGraudrongo
Drongo cendré link link
Dicrurus leucophaeus (1)LC Bird
946Sri Lanka DrongoDrongos
Drongo drongup link link
Dicrurus lophorinus (1)LC Bird
947Black DrongoKönigsdrongo
Drongo royal link link
Dicrurus macrocercus (3)LC Bird
948Greater Racket-tailed DrongoFlaggendrongo
Drongo à raquettes link link
Dicrurus paradiseus (1)LC Bird
949Lesser Racket-tailed DrongoSpateldrongo
Drongo à rames link link
Dicrurus remifer (1)LC Bird
950Grasshopper link link
Dictyophorus griseus (1)N/A Insect
951Southern OpossumGraue Vieraugenbeutelratte
Opossum gris à quatre yeux link link
Didelphis marsupialis (1)LC Marsupial
952African Iris 
Iris sud-africain sauvage link link
Dietes iridioides (1)N/A Flower
953Common FoxgloveRoter Fingerhut
Grande Digitale link link
Digitalis purpurea (7)N/A Flower
954White-sided FlowerpiercerSchieferhakenschnabel
Percefleur à flancs blancs link link
Diglossa albilatera (1)LC Bird
955Slaty FlowerpiercerEinfarb-Hakenschnabel
Percefleur ardoisé link link
Diglossa plumbea (1)LC Bird
956White-headed Buffalo WeaverStarweber
Alecto à tête blanche link link
Dinemellia dinemelli (1)LC Bird
957Giant Forest AntCamponotus gigas
Dinomyrmex link link
Dinomyrmex gigas (1)N/A Insect
958Long-spine PorcupinefishBraunflecken-Igelfisch
Poisson-hérisson tacheté link link
Diodon holocanthus (1)LC Fish
Diodontidae link link
Diodontidae gen. (1)n/a Fish
Dione link link
Dione sp. (1)n/a Butterfly/Moth
961Chalky Percher 
Diplacodes link link
Diplacodes trivialis (2)LC Dragonfly/Damselfly
962Fern link link
Dipteris conjugata (1)N/A Other plant
963Beetle link link
Dischista rufa (1)N/A Insect
964Melodious Blackbird 
Quiscale chanteur link link
Dives dives (3)LC Bird
Dolichos link link
Dolichos oliveri (1)N/A Flower
966Black-capped DonacobiusRohrspotter
Donacobe à miroir link link
Donacobius atricapilla (1)LC Bird
967Driver AntTreiberameisen
Dorylus link link
Dorylus sp. (2)n/a Insect
968Small-leaved Dragon TreeDrachenbäume
Dracaena link link
Dracaena mannii (1)LC Tree
969Dragon TreeDrachenbäume
Dracaena ombet link link
Dracaena ombet (1)N/A Tree
970Black-barbed Flying DragonFlugdrachen
Draco melanopogon link link
Draco melanopogon (1)N/A Reptile
971Dracula OrchidDracula
Dracula link link
Dracula sp. (1)n/a Flower
972EmuGroßer Emu
Émeu d'Australie link link
Dromaius novaehollandiae (3)LC Bird
973Kaieteur SundewKaieteur Sonnentau
Droséra link link
Drosera kaieteurensis (1)N/A Other plant
Droséra link link
Drosera sp. (1)n/a Other plant
975Banded Orange HeliconianDryadula phaetusa
Dryadula phaetusa link link
Dryadula phaetusa (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
976Julia HeliconianJulia
Flambeau link link
Dryas iulia (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
977Julia Heliconian ssp. moderataJulia
Flambeau link link
Dryas iulia moderata (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
978Lineated WoodpeckerLinienspecht
Pic ouentou link link
Dryocopus lineatus (2)LC Bird
979Black-backed Puffback 
Dryoscopus link link
Dryoscopus cubla (1)LC Bird
980Northern Puffback 
Cubla de Gambie link link
Dryoscopus gambensis (2)LC Bird
981Red-eyed Puffback 
Dryoscopus link link
Dryoscopus senegalensis (1)LC Bird
982Green Imperial PigeonBronzefruchttaube
Carpophage pauline link link
Ducula aenea (2)LC Bird
983Red-knobbed Imperial PigeonGroße Fruchttauben
Carpophage à cire rouge link link
Ducula rubricera (1)NT Bird
984Rufous-eyed Brook Frog 
Duellmanohyla rufioculis link link
Duellmanohyla rufioculis (1)LC Amphibian
985Gray CatbirdKatzendrossel
Moqueur chat link link
Dumetella carolinensis (2)LC Bird
Durian link link
Durio zibethinus (2)N/A Tree
987Asian Common ToadSchwarznarbenkröte
Crapaud masqué link link
Duttaphrynus melanostictus (1)LC Amphibian
988Engelman's HedgehogEchinocereus engelmannii
Echinocereus link link
Echinocereus engelmannii (4)LC Other plant
989Engelman's Hedgehog ssp. engelmanniiEchinocereus engelmannii
Echinocereus link link
Echinocereus engelmannii engelmannii (4)LC Other plant
990Globe ThistleKugeldisteln
Echinops link link
Echinops sp. (1)n/a Flower
991Viper's BuglossGewöhnlicher Natternkopf
Vipérine commune link link
Echium vulgare (1)N/A Flower
992Eclectus ParrotEdelpapagei
Grand Éclectus link link
Eclectus roratus (2)LC Bird
993Black HeronGlockenreiher
Aigrette ardoisée link link
Egretta ardesiaca (5)LC Bird
994Little Blue HeronBlaureiher
Aigrette bleue link link
Egretta caerulea (9)LC Bird
995Dimorphic EgretEgretta
Aigrette dimorphe link link
Egretta dimorpha (1)N/A Bird
996Little EgretSeidenreiher
Aigrette garzette link link
Egretta garzetta (23)LC Bird
997Western Little EgretSeidenreiher
Aigrette garzette link link
Egretta garzetta garzetta (23)LC Bird
998Western Reef HeronKüstenreiher
Aigrette à gorge blanche link link
Egretta gularis (2)LC Bird
999Reddish EgretRötelreiher
Aigrette roussâtre link link
Egretta rufescens (1)NT Bird
1000Snowy EgretSchmuckreiher
Aigrette neigeuse link link
Egretta thula (12)LC Bird
1001Tricolored HeronDreifarbenreiher
Aigrette tricolore link link
Egretta tricolor (9)LC Bird
1002Slaty EgretBraunkehlreiher
Aigrette vineuse link link
Egretta vinaceigula (1)VU Bird
1003African Oil PalmÖlpalme
Palmier à huile link link
Elaeis guineensis (3)N/A Tree
1004Yellow-bellied ElaeniaElaenia
Élénie à ventre jaune link link
Elaenia flavogaster (2)LC Bird
1005Mountain ElaeniaElaenia
Élénie montagnarde link link
Elaenia frantzii (2)LC Bird
Elaeocarpus link link
No image for Elaeocarpus rarotongensisN/A Tree
1007Swallow-tailed KiteSchwalbenweih
Naucler à queue fourchue link link
Elanoides forficatus (1)LC Bird
1008Black-winged KiteGleitaar
Élanion blac link link
Elanus caeruleus (5)LC Bird
1009Western Black-winged KiteGleitaar
Élanion blac link link
Elanus caeruleus caeruleus (4)LC Bird
1010Asian Black-winged KiteGleitaar
Élanion blac link link
Elanus caeruleus vociferus (1)LC Bird
1011White-tailed KiteWeißschwanzaar
Élanion à queue blanche link link
Elanus leucurus (2)LC Bird
1012Asian ElephantAsiatischer Elefant
Éléphant d'Asie link link
Elephas maximus (14)EN Mammal
1013Borneo Pygmy ElephantBorneo-Zwergelefant
Éléphant de Bornéo link link
Elephas maximus borneensis (2)EN Mammal
1014Sri Lankan ElephantSri-Lanka-Elefant
Éléphant du Sri Lanka link link
Elephas maximus maximus (5)EN Mammal
1015Sumatran ElephantSumatra-Elefant
Éléphant de Sumatra link link
Elephas maximus sumatranus (4)EN Mammal
1016Green CardamomGrüner Kardamom
Cardamome link link
Elettaria cardamomum (1)N/A Other plant
1017Robust ElleanthusElleanthus link link
Elleanthus robustus (1)N/A Flower
1018House BuntingAmmern
Bruant du Sahara link link
Emberiza sahari (3)N/A Bird
1019Great Pampa Finch 
Embernagre à cinq couleurs link link
Embernagra platensis (1)LC Bird
1020Black CrowberrySchwarze Krähenbeere
Camarine noire link link
Empetrum nigrum (1)N/A Other plant
1021Yellowish FlycatcherGilbufertyrann
Moucherolle jaunâtre link link
Empidonax flavescens (1)LC Bird
1022Buff-breasted Flycatcher 
Moucherolle beige link link
Empidonax fulvifrons (1)LC Bird
Encelia farinosa link link
Encelia farinosa (5)N/A Flower
1024Freiberg's Foam FrogEngystomops
Engystomops freibergi link link
Engystomops freibergi (1)LC Amphibian
1025Monkey Ladder Vine 
Cœur de la mer link link
Entada gigas (3)N/A Other plant
Sapelli link link
Entandrophragma cylindricum (1)VU Tree
1027Elephant-ear TreeEnterolobium cyclocarpum
Guanacaste link link
Enterolobium cyclocarpum (1)N/A Tree
1028Broad-headed Woodlizard 
Enyalioides laticeps link link
Enyalioides laticeps (3)N/A Reptile
Cacatoès rosalbin link link
Eolophus roseicapilla (1)LC Bird
1030Green EphedraMeerträubel
Ephedra link link
Ephedra viridis (1)N/A Tree
1031Black-necked StorkRiesenstorch
Jabiru d'Asie link link
Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus (2)NT Bird
1032Saddle-billed StorkSattelstorch
Jabiru d'Afrique link link
Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis (10)LC Bird
1033Night Scented OrchidEpidendrum
Épidendrons link link
Epidendrum nocturnum (1)N/A Flower
1034Fire Star OrchidEpidendrum
Épidendrons link link
Epidendrum radicans (1)N/A Flower
1035Lopsided Star OrchidEpidendrum
Epidendrum secundum link link
Epidendrum secundum (1)N/A Flower
1036Warty EpidendrumEpidendrum
Épidendrons link link
Epidendrum verrucosum (1)N/A Flower
1037Starry GrouperEpinephelus
Mérou étoile link link
Epinephelus labriformis (2)LC Fish
1038Flame Violet 
Episcia link link
Episcia cupreata (1)N/A Flower
Equisetum link link
Equisetum sp. (4)n/a Other plant
1040Variegated HorsetailBunter Schachtelhalm
Equisetum variegatum link link
Equisetum variegatum (1)N/A Other plant
1041Wild HorseWildpferd
Cheval sauvage link link
Equus ferus (2)EN Mammal
1042Feral HorseWildpferd
Cheval sauvage link link
Equus ferus caballus (1)EN Mammal
1043Przewalski's HorsePrzewalski-Pferd
Cheval de Przewalski link link
Equus ferus przewalskii (1)EN Mammal
1044OnagerAsiatischer Esel
Hémione link link
Equus hemionus (1)NT Mammal
1045Plains ZebraSteppenzebra
Zèbre des plaines link link
Equus quagga (37)NT Mammal
1046Grant's ZebraSteppenzebra
Zèbre de Grant link link
Equus quagga boehmi (18)NT Mammal
1047Maneless ZebraSteppenzebra
Equus quagga borensis link link
Equus quagga borensis (3)NT Mammal
1048Burchell's ZebraSteppenzebra
Zèbre de Burchell link link
Equus quagga burchellii (7)NT Mammal
1049Chapman's ZebraSteppenzebra
Zèbre de Chapman link link
Equus quagga chapmani (5)NT Mammal
1050Crawshay's ZebraSteppenzebra
Zèbre de Crawshay link link
Equus quagga crawshayi (2)NT Mammal
1051Mountain ZebraBergzebra
Zèbre de montagne link link
Equus zebra (4)VU Mammal
1052Hartmann's Mountain ZebraBergzebra
Zèbre de montagne de Hartmann link link
Equus zebra hartmannae (4)VU Mammal
1053Erebia ButterflyMohrenfalter
Erebia link link
Erebia neriene (1)N/A Butterfly/Moth
1054Black-crowned Sparrow-larkWeißstirnlerche
Moinelette à front blanc link link
Eremopterix nigriceps (1)LC Bird
1055Hawksbill Sea TurtleEchte Karettschildkröte
Tortue imbriquée link link
Eretmochelys imbricata (5)CR Reptile
1056Tree HeathBaumheide
Bruyère arborescente link link
Erica arborea (1)LC Tree
Erinnyis link link
Erinnyis sp. (1)n/a Butterfly/Moth
1058Orb Weaver 
Eriophora link link
Eriophora sp. (1)n/a Arachnid
Eriophorum link link
Eriophorum sp. (2)n/a Other plant
1060European RobinRotkehlchen
Rouge-gorge familier link link
Erithacus rubecula (2)LC Bird
1061Black PondhawkErythemis
Erythemis link link
Erythemis attala (1)LC Dragonfly/Damselfly
1062Western PondhawkErythemis collocata
Erythemis link link
Erythemis collocata (1)N/A Dragonfly/Damselfly
1063Flame-tailed PondhawkErythemis
Erythemis link link
Erythemis peruviana (2)LC Dragonfly/Damselfly
1064Naked Coral TreeKorallenbäume
Erythrina link link
Erythrina coralloides (1)N/A Tree
1065Patas MonkeyHusarenaffe
Patas link link
Erythrocebus patas (4)NT Mammal
1066Western Patas MonkeyHusarenaffe
Patas link link
Erythrocebus patas patas (3)NT Mammal
1067Eastern Patas MonkeyHusarenaffe
Patas link link
Erythrocebus patas pyrrhonotus (1)NT Mammal
1068Red-mantled DragonletErythrodiplax fervida
Erythrodiplax fervida link link
Erythrodiplax fervida (1)LC Dragonfly/Damselfly
Erythrodiplax link link
Erythrodiplax sp. (1)n/a Dragonfly/Damselfly
1070Band-winged DragonletErythrodiplax umbrata
Erythrodiplax umbrata link link
Erythrodiplax umbrata (3)