World Gliding Championships in New Zealand, 1995

Last Update: 20-January-1995

This information was sent to me directly from New Zealand by Bruce Hoult.

There was no task today, Jan 20.

Tasks were set in the morning and the sniffer reported lift.  The
standard class was launched but by the time all 44 were launched
two had landed back and the rest were strugglng so the 15m and
open classes were not launched.  After some time, four more had
landed back and many others were in a gaggle at well under 1000 ft
directly over the airfield.  The standard class task was cancelled
and they were called back while the 15m and Open classes were
set a shorter task and waited pending improved conditions.  The
day was called off at around 3 pm.

Tomorrow is the final day.

-- Bruce

- (Bruce Hoult at WorldGlide '95)
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