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Dhulikhel is a picturesque town near Kathmandu with several nice temples and interesting houses. It has for many centuries been an important trading center on the ancient commercial route linking Nepal to Tibet. Since time immemorial, people of Nepal travel to Tibet to bring home salt and gold. Likewise, the Tibetans every year with their flocks of sheep enter into Nepal during Dashain, the greatest Hindu festival. There are many nice temples in Dhulikhel that are worth visiting.

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Street Dhulikhel
Street in Dhulikhel. (798k)
Old House Dhulikhel
Old house in Dhulikhel. (919k)
Elaborate Wood Carving House
Elaborate wood carving on a house in Dhulikhel. (1169k)
Houses Damages Earthquakes Which
Some of the houses have damages, some from earthquakes, which are frequent in this area. (794k)
Vishnu Temple Dhulikhel
Vishnu temple in Dhulikhel. (868k)
Two Garudas Front Narayan
Two Garudas in front of the Narayan temple in Dhulikhel, dedicated to Vishnu. The lower one is the traditional Garuda, the upper one is one in Indonesian tradition. (871k)
Garuda Indonesian Tradition
Garuda in Indonesian tradition. (753k)
Shiva Temple Dhulikhel Birds
Shiva temple in Dhulikhel. The birds on the corners of the roof are messenger birds. Notice the Trishula, Shiva's trident. The golden band on the roof symbolizes the ladder for the Gods to ascend to heaven. (792k)
Shiva Lingam Shiva Temple
Shiva Lingam in the Shiva temple in Dhulikhel. (815k)
Bell 18th Century Shiva
The bell from the 18th century in the Shiva temple in Dhulikhel. The bell is the symbol of female power (the thunderbolt is the symbol of male power). (812k)
Children Ringing Bell
Children ringing the bell. (859k)
Buddhist Monument Shiva Temple
Buddhist monument in the Shiva temple, sign of religious tolerance in Nepal. (856k)
Picture Trimurti Divine Hindu
Picture of the Trimurti, the divine Hindu trinity of Brahma (left), Vishnu (center), and Shiva (right) on the Shiva temple in Dhulikhel. (747k)
Hindu Shrine Street Dhulikhel
Hindu shrine in the street in Dhulikhel. In the foreground is the Nandi, Shiva's bull. (929k)
Closer View Hindu Shrine
Closer view of the Hindu shrine. On the left are Shiva and a lot of other deities. At the top is Parvati/Durga. On the upper right is Hanuman, the Protector of the King, and below Hanuman is Vishnu. In the lower right is a Shiva Lingam. (1015k)
Closer View Hanuman Hindu
Closer view of Hanuman in the Hindu shrine. The red color is used to decorate Hindu temples and shrines. After worship, people touch their forehead with the red paint. (1055k)
Buddhist Monument Dedicated Memory
Buddhist monument, dedicated in memory of a family member. (957k)
Chariot Used During Local
Chariot. It is used during local festivals to carry the Goddess of the festival. (845k)

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