Bungamati is a small town in the Kathmandu valley. It may date back as far as the 7th century. The official founding was in the 16th century. It is a traditional Newari village. The central ritual focus of Bungamati is the Temple of Macchindranath. It is dedicated to Lord Macchindranath, the God of rainfall, who is capable of making and holding rainfall. The temple is from the 16th century.

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Village Square Drying Harvest
Village square with drying harvest. (926k)
Temple Macchindranath Recent Harvest
Temple of Macchindranath with the recent harvest all around it. (709k)
Close-up Temple Macchindranath
Close-up of the Temple of Macchindranath. (824k)
Large Prayer Drum Temple
Large prayer drum at the Temple of Macchindranath. (846k)
Elaborately Decorated Door Bungamati
Elaborately decorated door in Bungamati. (954k)
Iron Holders Votive Oil
Iron holders for votive oil lamps. They hold oil and a cotton wick. (966k)

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